A Stunning Wedding on Lake Vinuela, Malaga

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I do love our Jewish Weddings, there are so many different parts to the ceremony and they are all very special. I personally find that they are very spiritual and I love being involved and watching the magic unfold as different rituals are performed.

I might be sticking my neck out here but none of the words actually sound like they are spelt which does always make me giggle, chuppah the ceremony canopy is pronounced hooper, but after a few years of designing Jewish weddings and watching these lovely ceremonies we are thrilled when asked to help create, design and plan Jewish weddings.

Candy and Jamie were no exception and we were delighted to decorate this fabulous wedding in the stunning setting of the Hotel Vinuela set on the lakes just behind Malaga. at the beginning of June. With an already built in chuppah of a beautiful gazebo completely covered in foliage, the setting was just perfect with the stunning bright turquoise lake as a backdrop.

We created these gorgeous bridal flowers, decorated the chuppah and the reception with a stunning ivory, silver and incorporated a touch of black tie into the reception area, which lent itself to the style of the venue and the fact it was a black tie affair. Anoulka and I sat and watched this delightful marriage performed under the chuppah and it bought tears to our eyes as Candy and Jamie were just such a beautiful happy couple.

We do also have very fond memories of Candy´s grandmother with her numerous cavas and desperately trying to stay upright for the ceremony 🙂 It was a lovely moment.

Here is our email from Candy and Jamie after their wedding which we were delighted to receive and our thanks to Alex Olsen for allowing us to publish these beautiful photographs of a very special day.

Dear Laura

Jamie and I are now back home and floating down to reality after an amazing wedding day, it was incredible, the best day ever and like a dream.

Thank you for being a part of it and making it extra special for us. The flowers and bouquets in particular were absolutely stunning, we loved them and the table decorations were gorgeous, not to mention the chinese sky lanterns that were a complete surprise to me and really, really magical.

Also thank you for your help in the preparations, I believe at one point you were zipping up my mother´s dress! Thank you so much you were great!! Thank you so much Laura

Candy and Jamie xxx

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