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Happy Halloween!

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Wishing our followers a Happy Halloween weekend and hope you all have a wonderful ghoulish, spooky time!
We thought we would share some lovely images found on
Pinterest with you!

We are featured on Preston Bailey´s brides blog!

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I am a huge fan of Preston Bailey and his extraordinary fairytale events he creates.

Preston Bailey is every event designer´s aspiration, to think outside the box and create sublime decoration experiences using lighting, props and of course gorgeous florals.

Every day I avidly follow the Preston Bailey blog, which recently has become a brilliant tool offering advice, business insights and of course inspirations.

Can you imagine my delight when scanning Facebook last night I realised my blog was featured on his yesterday, I nearly fell off my chair and was almost hyperventilating 🙂

I just had to share this with you and then will get back to work!

Etsy in Spain perhaps!

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I am very fortunate that, as part of my work, that I am introduced to some hugely talented and creative people. I am always attracted to the people that have that certain style and more importantly are working very hard, are passionate about what they create and are reliable.

Recently a jewellery maker was bought to my attention by Sweet Things by Fi at one of our design meetings in our studio.

Fi had bought some of Sharon´s creations including some gorgeous wine glass charms, bracelets and key rings all made out of beautiful crystal beads. We discussed various ideas of how they could be used for our weddings either as gifts for bridesmaids and favours.

Shortly after this one of my friends was struggling to find a good supplier for a Breast Cancer charity night to provide some pretty gifts for her fundraising.

Having spotted this plea on Facebook, I asked Fi whether Sharon could make up 40 crystal bracelets with 3 days notice and lo and behold a wave of the magic wand produced not just 40 to die for pink and clear crystal bracelets but beautifully presented in pink organza bags and tied with gorgeous tags.

We were delighted, and so was Maryanne, the organiser of this event.

Our thanks to Sharon at Lovelissimo Designs for helping us out at such a short notice and we hope to work with Sharon a lot next year to produce favours, bridesmaids thank you gifts and just general gorgeousness!

Sharon´s new venture can be found on Facebook and her website.

Gorgeous Flamenco Style Wedding at El Oceano, Marbella

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On a gorgeous day in September we were thrilled to be overseeing and decorating the stunning wedding of Sarah and Michael.

A moving church ceremony was held at the Encarnacion Church, just near the Orange Square in Marbella Old Town followed by cocktails in the square and then the wedding party headed to the fabulous Oceano Hotel for a beachside reception.

Sarah is actually a neighbour of mine as her mother lives near me, and I was delighted when they approached me to ask if we could finalise their wedding details and take over their files to look after them on this very special day.

Carla of course immediately took charge and Sarah visited our shop a few times to finalise the flowers and decor details for her flamenco styled wedding.

Loraine created gorgeous bridal bouquets in vanilla roses to compliment the bridesmaids dresses and Anoulka designed flamenco dancer stationery to compliment the stunning cake that Fi created for Sarah and Michael. I have to also admit we are all in love with Sarah´s dress so I will ask her next time I see her where it is from, as I know I will be asked!

A truly fantastic day was had by all and of course it could not be complete without Sarah entertaining her guests with her fantastic singing Wonderwall was sung especially for Michael.

Our thanks to Jeremy Standley for allowing us to share these fabulous photos.

Our congratulations to Sarah and Michael and hopefully see you both soon!

Moroccan Style Pumpkins for Halloween

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As Halloween approaches I thought I would share this photo I found tonight on pinterest of decorated pumpkins Moroccan style, a style that is close to my heart as we use it a lot for our wedding styling.

I am sticking with glittery pumpkins but if any of you are feeling adventurous this idea looks amazing, however, I am sure if I created a pumpkin masterpiece like this I would not want to be turning it into pumpkin soup or pie!

Glitter :)

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I don´t think any girl can have enough glittery things.

For me it brings many lovely memories and I was delighted to find these fabulous glittery photos to share with you in Pinterest.

If you are girly and crafty like me then I hope you enjoy!

I am thinking tonight though with the beautiful sunlight we get here in Spain some glitter would not go amiss in our weddings next year, a bit of twinkle is always pretty and not necessarily reserved for Christmas so my brain is ticking away!

I have also earnt the lovely title of the Fairy Godmother of the Costa Del Sol, so perhaps some waving of the glitter wand might be forthcoming, but for now I will share these gorgeous photos with you and I will get back to my pumpkins, which you never know may even turn into carriages! 🙂

Glamorous Glittery Pumpkins for Halloween!

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Twig & Thistle

Found on Pinterest

As we approach that spooky time of year I cannot say I am a huge lover of all things spooky and ghoulish but these glittery pumpkins are much more up my street 🙂

A bit of glitter and glamour goes a long way in our house so this is
our Halloween project next week which I know will appeal hugely to Twinks and I love the fact that we can turn them into candle holders.

Slightly more appealing than screaming witches and ghouls don´t you think!

If any of our clients are planning a dark, spooky ghoulish night do remember we can supply dramatic black satin chair covers, orange sashes, black linens and of course glittery pumpkins!

Design Finds

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I have finally worked out how pinterest works, so now of course another time consuming past time and am in heaven 🙂 I have two likes already and still not entirely sure how this works but only loaded up a few photos tonight!

It has been a strange week for me, my beloved father is in hospital and I have been on a bit of a standby really, just doing hospital visits, worrying about him and my mother and generally trying to be useful but finding it hard to concentrate and not really knowing how to pass the odd few hours.

So, what does a girl do when under this sort of predicament, I have been just clearing clutter that has built up over the summer and filling my mind with ideas for decorating and design, which of course is therapeutic in itself. When I spoke to my sister in London earlier, she was doing exactly the same thing!

I have a certain design style I love but of course I cannot stamp my personal taste onto my weddings or interiors, I have to make sure I translate what the client wants, whether I like it or not!

Some of my posts are not directly wedding related but they are researching design, colour, balance and style, all commodities that are applied to our wedding design.

You would be amazed what images are stored in the back of my head somewhere and are hauled back out when I meet with a client that has their own vision.

I love these images I found this evening on a fabulous design blog.

More inspiration for my decluttering and decoration plans and of course perhaps for a future wedding.

Pimp my Van!

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Sorted :)!

Sharing a Few Inspirations

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Top 2 Images Selina Lake Bottom 2 Images by Rebecca Newport via Lobster & Swan

We have had a fabulous time over the summer creating our beautiful weddings and now it is time for me to recharge, relax and look forward to some down time.

What should be an idyllic life in my little white washed townhouse set in a village in the mountain overlooking Marbella is indeed slightly chaotic, to say the least! I have been told today, on three occasions, that I should write a book, but that will be work in progress!

I have a few blogs I follow, well actually quite a few, but in the summer I don´t get time as we are so busy but now, in the autumn, I recharge the design batteries and love spending time looking at these hugely talented stylists work.

At the moment I am searching for inspiration for decorating a few bedrooms as it is this time of year I start reorganising, clearing clutter and creating lovely spaces.

I have to admit today I have been slightly thrown off my path for personal reasons but I know by absorbing these beautiful images and inspirations that some fabulous bedrooms will be forthcoming and I also noted that all these images have Christmas baubles in them which is perhaps telling me something?!

Perhaps tomorrow I will be digging out my Nigella and Delia cookbooks!