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A Happy New Year!

December 31st, 2011 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “A Happy New Year!”
Images from Pinterest
As the countdown to 2012 begins, we are reflecting on an amazing year.

I personally have watched my hugely talented team grow and we have designed and decorated some amazing weddings this year pushing our creative skills even further.

Our planning services have gone from strength to strength and we have some hugely exciting projects and commissions underway for 2012.

We would like to take this opporunity to wish all our 2011 clients a fabulous New Year and all our 2012 and 2013 couples an exciting New Year as we work with them on their beautiful wedding days.

Our work would not be complete without all the extraordinarily talented suppliers we work with to put together our weddings and events and we would also like to wish all our friends within the wedding industry a Very Happy New Year!

We will be back shortly with many fabulous inspirations, blog posts and of course real weddings as we start the New Year.

A Statement from Reviva Weddings

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It has been bought to our attention that another company, based here on the Costa Del Sol, has been sending out libelous emails to clients about our company.

Reviva Weddings have consulted lawyers who have confirmed that we have a good case to take this company to court based on libelous and malicious information being sent out.

It will be our intention to issue a denuncia against this company in the event that they do not make a public apology shortly.

Should we see that further emails are being sent out, we will then proceed through the courts to sue them.

We will publish their identity and ask for legal costs and damages to be awarded to us.

Snowy Wedding Inspirations!

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Living in Spain is fabulous and we are truly spoilt with our weather, this winter has been incredibly mild, apart from the terrific storm on my birthday! 
This morning I gazed out onto a beautiful pink sunrise and relish the fact I can meet my friend today for a lovely lunch sat outside, however, I am insanely jealous that the UK are about to see snow!! 
I absolutely adore snow, the light and magical look it brings to everything it falls on. 
I think it always instills that sense of peace which is why it is particularly beautiful at Christmas time.
So here is my contribution to all things snowy!  A beautiful winter inspiration board created for you and we now have falling snow on our blog as we are getting festive!
The images here are found on Pinterest and you must head over to Green Wedding Shoes to see a delightful snow shoot.

Pink and Gold Christmas Inspiration

December 11th, 2011 Posted by About me, Christmas inspirations, My Inspirations, Party colours 0 thoughts on “Pink and Gold Christmas Inspiration”
Top Row 1st and 2nd image Better Homes & Gardens, 3rd Image Citrus & Orange, 4th Image Pinterest.
Second row Image 1,2 & 3
Citrus & Orange, 4 & 5 Image Unknown

Pink and Golds are definitely the in Christmas colour this year and are all over blog world.

I love them as these are the colours I have every year and mine are mixed with silvers and lots of crystal too collected over the years. I also use olive green as it is the other colour in my home but this year I am excited about using a touch of purple and deep turquoise too with lots of golds to bring a slightly grander feeling to our Christmas table. I have the crackers already and bought some beautiful olive charger plates and now on a search for a deep magenta velvet ribbon!

I thought with all these fabulous images I have found it would be lovely to create an inspiration board to share with you.

You really must head over to the Citrus and Orange blogspot, it is one of my favourite blogs and I can´t wait to see what Susana will be posting next as she shares her Christmas decoration ideas with us.

We also have some beautiful Christmas trees to share with you this week, sent in by our brides from the past few years and some of our brides for 2012 as we all get festive and share our creative ideas together!

Keeping Safe at Work

December 9th, 2011 Posted by About me, Wedding World Unveiled 0 thoughts on “Keeping Safe at Work”

I had an interesting chat tonight with one of my friends, who is also a supplier in the wedding industry. I cannot give too much away, but this chat made me think about creating this blog post to cover what we discussed as I think it is an important subject.

This applies particularly to women who are running businesses and are required to go and meet potential clients in venues such as private villas, etc.

Our work means we are mainly at our desks working away on our computers and we can be at home or in the office safely working alongside our colleagues but we have to venture out to meet clients.

Whether you are a wedding planner, designer, or working within the wedding industry, make up and hair, photographers, etc we are all at some point required to go and meet potential clients perhaps sometimes in private villas, invited to a bar for a coffee or other meeting places.

Do we really know who we are going out to meet?
Are we making sure we are safe whilst conducting our business?

My friend actually contacted me tonight as she remembers me being stalked a couple of years ago now, and needed to ask me questions as she thought the same thing was happening now to her.

Because we run our businesses we have to put our profiles on the internet, our websites, blogs, facebook pages and twitter all of these include our contact details and images of us and our work.

Whilst 99% of the time this is great and we get wonderful business contacts and clients, there is always this 1% of weirdos that decide they want to stalk you for whatever reason.

Don´t get me wrong I have some fabulous stalkers, but I have had some not so fabulous ones as well.

It is important to remember a few basic things to keep safe whilst working.

If you have to meet a client in a remote area, private villa, etc always take someone with you. Work colleague, friend, hubby anyone will do!

Always let people know where you are going, what time and the time you are expected back.

Take as many details as possible before you meet the client, phone numbers, and other numbers in case their phone is not working, etc of friends of theirs. As we create destination weddings we normally ask for details such as passport numbers, etc as well but I can see this might be harder if you are working with clients in the same country to ask for details like this.

Try to find out as much as you can and never go alone, particularly if you are uncertain about a client and cannot get someone to go with you, postpone the meeting, if they are genuine they will of course understand your reasons.

No work is worth sacrificing your own safety.

Spanish Burgundy Wedding Inspiration

December 4th, 2011 Posted by Inspiration Boards, spanish wedding themes, Wedding Colours, Wedding Trends for 2012 0 thoughts on “Spanish Burgundy Wedding Inspiration”

I have been working on some wedding inspirations this weekend for one of our Sotogrande weddings next year. Our brief is burgundy, whites and a touch of silver with a destination wedding theme possibly incorporating maps of Spain and red wines.
The wedding will be held at a stunning monastery in Sotogrande which requires very minimal stylish decorations and for this particular venue a chill out area on the terrace is always lovely for the dancing later.

With the burgundy (red wine) colour mixed with whites, the two colours combined can be quite harsh so we have mixed in a sahara rose and some pale pinks which will soften and lift the colour combination.

Burgundy is a fabulous colour for a Spanish styled wedding, and combined with a dramatic black is truly stunning and brings the drama of Andalucian flamenco to the overall look and style. Not too much black though, we loved Sarah´s wedding this year using a black etching of a flamenco dancer.

Here we have created an inspiration board for one of our clients and used this flamenco graphic that was beautifully reproduced onto a stunning wedding cake by Fi and onto the stationery from Anoulka.

The combination of the deep burgundy with the ivories, very soft pinks and tea colours is a fabulous colour scheme.

To compliment the destination map idea we have suggested to run this through the wedding with the stationery details, perhaps confetti cones made out of maps of Spain, table seating and luggage tags and white suitcases. The design has only just been sent off but of course is still buzzing around in my design brain and yet to cover the red wine element!

This is where I start to wish time away as we create and design some fabulous weddings that I cannot wait to put together!

Back to glitter and Christmas this week, but we do like to share our wedding inspirations and designs with you as we sit here creating for 2012.

We would like to credit Sweet Things By Fi for this stunning flamenco cake and Jeremy Standley for the photography, without these fabulous photos we could not showcase our work as we do. The inspiration board was created by me using photos from pinterest and our own weddings.

More Festive Fun

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December has finally arrived and it does not seem that long ago I was packing away our decorations, but this morning heralded, not only my much needed tea, but the opening of the advent calendar and a very excited Twinkle Toes!

This afternoon our tree was resurrected and is now work in progress for the next few days!

Last year we started a fun Compare your Christmas tree decorating efforts and this year we would like to do the same so send us photos of your trees for us to post and inspire everyone.
You can find us on Facebook

We will be posting on here so email us your photos

We will be sharing many festive ideas with you over the next few weeks and would like to wish all our clients, suppliers and readers a truly festive, fun and peaceful December.
Our lovely images are from Pinterest.