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Metallic Wedding Cakes by SweetThings ByFi

January 29th, 2012 Posted by Celebrity Weddings, Delightful details, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Suppliers on the Costa Del Sol, Wedding Trends for 2012 0 thoughts on “Metallic Wedding Cakes by SweetThings ByFi”
We are delighted to welcome SweetThings ByFi to our blog to talk to us about the latest 2012 metallic wedding cake trends. 
Just like Wedding Trends, wedding cake designs are constantly changing.
Designs are heavily influenced by the fashion catwalk, wedding blogs and wedding magazines. Throughout 2011 there were many high profiled weddings, including the Royal weddings in the UK and Monaco, Supermodel Kate Moss, Pop singer Lily Allen and let’s not forget Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in the US. As a result, this has seen an increase in ornate piping and sugar flowers being incorporated into cake designs.

For many brides, 2012 is marking the end of the vintage trend and the beginning of glamorous decor with jewels and sparkles being incorporated into the cake designs, this is resulting in the rise of the ‘Couture’ style wedding cake.
This style of cake makes a strong statement by incorporating accents of the bride’s wedding dress, headpiece or jewellery. Our friends in the US have taken this one step further by introducing metallic wedding cakes which is taking the wedding world by storm for 2012.
We are seeing the use of shimmering tones of silver and gold’s combined with warm pastel or vibrant jewel colours.
When working with Reviva weddings, Laura and I often spend countless hours discussing the wedding designs we are working on together, and both of us are hugely excited about this trend and cannot wait for this to take off here in Spain!

Of course, it is imperative to ensure that your wedding cake design flows with the style or theme of your wedding not just the current wedding trends. For example, if you are getting married here in Spain and want a Spanish themed wedding, then perhaps you feel that a sparkling jewelled cake would not be suitable for your wedding. Thats ok! Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, so it is vital that your cake design is perfect for your personal taste! Try decorative lacework and textured ruffles with accents of Spanish warm colours or flowers, what is important is that your wedding cake designer designs a cake that is classic and timeless for you.

At Sweet Things, our fashion concious brides are becoming more involved in the design process to create their perfect wedding day, this is resulting in some amazing wedding cake designs which we cannot wait to create!
But for now, here are some of our favourite metallic wedding cakes!
Design Sources from Pinterest and Martha Stewart

Indian Wedding Inspirations in Marbella

January 24th, 2012 Posted by Indian Weddings, Inspiration Boards, Reviva Weddings Exclusive Weddings, Styling Weddings, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Decorations, Wedding Trends for 2012 0 thoughts on “Indian Wedding Inspirations in Marbella”
As Indian Weddings take Marbella by storm, we thought we would share some of the inspirations we are creating for our weddings. 
The explosion of colours used for Indian weddings are glorious and here we have created a more cohesive look to our weddings by keeping to a heady mix of beautiful colours.
Ivory, gold and red are a hugely popular colour combination, mix this in with a fushsia and yellow and a dash of purple creates a vibrant combination.
We have kept one of our designs to just using a peacock colour theme of purples, turquoises, aquas and golds but throwing in a touch of orange for the reception tables.
There are so many glorious details from floral elephants, embellished gold confetti cones, lots of lots of bling, particuarly this year with the latest rage for metallic wedding cakes and we love the idea of using slightly different textures and fabrics to bring different elements into creating our Indian wedding styles.
A fuchsia, red and yellow Indian Wedding Inspiration
An explosion of Colours
A Peacock Inspiration
Muted Golds, Ivories and Red
Images have been sourced from Karen Wise and Maharani Weddings
We hope you enjoy our inspirations as we publish them and to keep up to date with us, as we move into 2012, join our Facebook page

Romantic Blossom Cupcake Class by Sweet Things by Fi

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We are delighted to introduce our first cupcake decorating class hosted by Sweet Things by Fi at our wedding studio on the 8th February. 
If anyone does not know Fi’s work or indeed has not eaten one of her cakes they are truly missing something and life is not worth living until you do! 
Fi is one of our favourite wedding cake designers, whose creations continue to amaze our clients and us, plus she buys me creme eggs so I am heavily blackmailed!
Fi’s first cupcake decorating class will be held at our shop, based in Elviria, on the 8th February from 3pm until 5pm.
The theme of our first cupcake decorating course is Romantic Blossom Cupcakes.
Fi will bring the freshly baked cupcakes and each student will be provided with 6 cupcakes each, 3 chocolate and 3 vanilla along with all the decorating materials to create beautiful cupcakes ready for you to take home. 
You will learn the art of creating sugar craft roses, pearl and bows as in our photo above and get to take them home.
Fi’s cupcake course is 60 euros per head and this includes tea, coffee and cakes to test along with a lot of fun plus 6 fabulous cupcakes unless we have eaten them first! 
This cupcake decorating course is limited to 6 people with a minimum of 4 people so first come first served but there will be more classses to follow.
If you would like to book this class please contact Fi on 697228088 or email her on
To view Fi’s website and see her amazing creations visit

Swan Lake Ballet Wedding Inspiration in Marbella

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Apologies for my recent lack of blogging but after the Christmas holidays we have been inundated with wedding enquiries which is hugely exciting but has meant I have spent my evenings on my email and my head in my diary instead of concentrating on my blog and oh how I have missed it!
But having finally managed to get back to some organised normality (and hired two interns) we are sharing more wonderful inspirations and what better way to start than to celebrate the culture of Marbella who recently hosted a Swan Lake production from the Moscow Ballet in the Teatro de Ciudad.
 We thought it would be lovely to produce a mood board based on this inspiration for a wedding using obviously feathers 🙂
This year I have noticed various new trends emerging which we will blog about over the next few weeks and have some fabulous guest bloggers as well sharing their insights with us too so do check back to hear other professionals take on the latest wedding trends.
One is still the very vintage style (sorry Jeremy!) but it is becoming more elegant, we have seen metallic wedding cakes emerging, more glitter, jewels and glam reappearing and just slightly more decadent, crochet I think is finally out!
The rustic, burlap, eco wedding is going to continue to be a big hit this year and we are very excited to be producing some fabulous designs with these design elements.
Another big fashion I have noticed this year is very bright colours creeping into weddings off the catwalks.  A dizzying range of colours from the popular cobalt blues of last year’s weddings to the almost fluorescent yellows, greens and fuchsias, lots of florals and a more spectacular use of colours steering away from the paler corals, silvers and husky blues that we have seen over the past few years.
Finally roll over Bollywood, we have some amazing creations coming out our studio for our Indian weddings this year!
There is so much more to share with you all as our business is changing quite considerably over the next few months but I will be back!

New Year Inspirations

January 4th, 2012 Posted by Uncategorized 0 thoughts on “New Year Inspirations”
I love Christmas and New Year with all the festivities and of course glitter 🙂
Here now, in Spain, we still have the 3 Kings to celebrate and I do find even after all these years of living here that this does rather drag on the Christmas holidays!  
However, bringing my youngest daughter up in a predominently Spanish environment we will be in Marbella tomorrow evening to welcome the 3 Kings and after this I can finally take down the Christmas tree and finish my manic weeks of shopping!
 I do love the clean fresh feeling that a New Year brings with all the resolutions, healthy living regimes that are put into action and just the cleansing process whether it be health, living, organising homes it is all about cleaning out the old year and in with the new.
For me personally this has meant a few things to me as 2011 was a year of change. 
My business has moved on so much in the past 4 years that I took a good hard look at where I wanted it to go and have made steps in the right direction to expand and change.  I did not want to become stale and moving on is always a good thing, sticking with what is safe is not progress.
This is a very exciting time for me and I am thrilled I have a very supportive team backing me all the way that are equally excited and very loyal as they can see the vision I have.  More will be announced in February as we finalise business plans and venture onwards.
I have also had personal issues that have had to be addressed, these are not the first but having always had a close family we have had to deal with the big C word again, this time with my beloved father and my technically sister in law.  I also lost a very dear friend this year very suddenly so it has been a festive but reflective time for me.
We are not unfamiliar with this as my dearest younger sister was diagnosed 5 years ago at the ripe old age of 39, two weeks before I had Twinks and thankfully has made a fabulous recovery. 
Life goes on and is to be thoroughly enjoyed but this year has certainly been a tough one for me dealing with many personal issues. 
I am taking the time out now to reflect and get to know our truly amazing couples we have this year, the stories I am hearing as I get to know them are truly inspirational and I cannot wait to create their dream days. 
It does rather put into perspective that everyone has tough bits and the celebrations we can create just mean so much to everyone involved and we cannot wait to share our dream days with our clients this year and will do everything possible to make sure they are extra special as always 🙂