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Love Padlocks in Spain

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Attaching a padlock to a bridge and throwing the key into the river is seen as a symbol of enduring love and this rather romantic idea of love padlocks, otherwise known as love locks, is proving a popular craze in most cities across Europe after the publication of the 2007 cult best-seller Ho Voglia De Te (I Want You) which saw a young couple attach a padlock to the city’s Milvian Bridge and throw away the key into the river, as a sign of their love.  
This trend has spread, but not of course without controversy. 
Whilst it is a lovely romantic idea, it does appear sadly that in some cities it has caused problems with the weight of thousands of padlocks threatening structures and historical monuments, the Rialto bridge in Italy is one such structure that has suffered, I guess due to it´s already popular romantic setting. 
The not so romantic authorities of many cities have been apparently dismantling the padlocks with cutters, but in Moscow they have built metal trees instead on Luzhkov Bridge, giving a designated area for friends and lovers to express their love and affection.
Wouldn´t it be fabulous to have these in Marbella!

I was quite intrigued by this idea though and found out there is a bridge in most of the Spanish cities where this latest craze has developed including Malaga and Sevilla and even now in Madrid.
Perhaps Spain should now build some romantic structures to attract what I think is rather a romantic idea but in the meantime this could be perhaps bought into your wedding day either in the ceremony, stationery or even in the props.
I do love an inspiration so thought I would share this with you!

Eco Friendly Rice Butterfly Confetti

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Traditionally rice is thrown at the bride and groom to bring them fertility and good luck and the word confetti comes from the Italians who traditionally threw sweets at the lucky couple, confetto.
All this, however, sounds painful and as we are always searching for eco friendly alternatives to our weddings, we were delighted to find this new product, rice butterflies which we will now be stocking in our shop.
These gorgeous butterflies are currently available in white, red, yellow, green and blue but shortly will be available in pink.  As they are so lightweight they stay in the air for longer ensuring your photographer will capture the magic and give your photos the wow factor.
We love them and with all the symbolic meanings behind throwing rice at the happy couple, we cannot think of a better way to start your married life than to be blessed by fluttering butterflies!

Udreamybridal Our New Shiny Sponsor

April 17th, 2012 Posted by Bridesmaids colours, Delightful details, Latest Bridal Fashions, Shoes, Sponsors, Vintage Style 0 thoughts on “Udreamybridal Our New Shiny Sponsor”
We are delighted to welcome on board our latest shiny sponsor Udreamybridal.
Udreamybridal offer an amazing range of bridalwear from bridal dresses, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride and very cute flower girl dresses.
We particularly love the vintage styled 1950´s Audrey Hepburn styles and there are some fabulous lace and beach style dresses perfect for weddings here in Spain.
You must hotfoot it over to take a sneak peek, particularly if you are working to a budget, as the prices amazed me and they ship worldwide.


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I feel I would like to just create a short post to remember my friend on her birthday.
This is also for my uncle who passed away last week and for another very good friend who lost her father recently.
It is very special to be able to reflect and remember some fabulous people that I have been fortunate enough to know.

Wedding Trends Bright Neons

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The NEON trend hit the fashion world last year and of course is now being translated into wedding world and we are seeing these bright pops of colour becoming increasingly and boldly used. 
I think, as a designer, the key element when using these fabulous and riotous colours is to tone it down with the cooler colours, whites works with me all the time!
 We have the soft greys combined with the zingy yellows, citrusy greens combined with plenty of whites and pops of hot pinks and cobalt blues combined with paler shades of nude pinks and whites.
Get it right and the end results will be fabulous and make a strong colour statement, get it wrong and it will be a mess of riotous colours!
This style is funky though and would suit a young and retro bride, we have a few weddings with strong colour statements in this year, mainly the bright yellow but just little details here and there which will be stunning.
Images found via Pinterest

Semana Santa in Malaga by Anna Gazda

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This weekend in Spain, Easter, the Semana Santa is being celebrated throughout Spain and even if you are not religious it is difficult not to be moved by the processional marches being staged every night this week in most spanish towns and cities.
Year after year each and every village hosts it´s own procession with the costaleros carrying beautifully decorated floats with statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on the cross through the towns and cities to celebrate this very sombre occasion.
I always find it rather peaceful watching these processions and very emotional but remember as a child being terrified by the costumes of the Nazarenos, they look a bit like the Klu Klutz Klan and remember when I was about 8 years old in Marbella, one jumping out at us and my sister being really quite frightened!
To allow us to share a bit of this weekend in Spain with you, we would like to share these fabulous images from Anna Gazda, one of our favourite wedding photographers, who has now decamped and set up shop, well home! in Malaga and sent these images to me tonight after me nagging her 😉
I was awestruck, as I always am with Anna´s photos, and although this is not wedding related it is Spain related! 
  know many of our readers, particuarly from the US like to see what we get up to and as well as organising an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow morning for Twinks, all of us here in wedding world are constantly being creative and keeping busy!
Reviva, however were not engaging in these religious ceremonies today as for one I have man flu and two we were organising and decorating a fabulous party today for a 60th birthday.  My thanks to my fantastic team who over the last few days I could not have done without, chocolate bunnies are on their way 🙂
Last, but not least, I would also like to say that my journey creating and developing my business has allowed me to meet so many hugely talented and lovely people, both suppliers and clients 🙂
Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend x
If you would like to see more fabulous photos from Anna of the Easter processions in Malaga please do hope over and visit Anna´s blog.

Easter Fun

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As Easter comes bouncing towards me at a rapidly alarming rate I have to admit I was hugely unorganised and even did not realise that Twinks was on her school holidays, it came so quickly!  The joys of being a working and hugely busy mother!
But we are muddling through painting eggs, colouring Easter egg pictures and generally creating decorations and buying fluffy bunnies to get into the spirit of the holiday weekend!  I now have a beautifully decorated fireplace full of her already existing planets and stars and now including fluffy chicks and rabbits 🙂  It really is quite creative and very cute! 
We had to share this fabulous blog with you as Jayne creates her Easter crafts, I am a huge admirer of hers and I love her ideas as she approaches everything with such a fresh eye and it is always beautifully photographed.
I have decided my next new year resolution is to be able to photograph our work beautifully as we are always busy here creating fabulous things for our parties and weddings, if only I knew a photographer to point me in the right direction ;)!
It has been a sad week for me again losing some lovely people including my dear uncle so I am dedicating this blog post to him and his family and my dear friend who also lost her father.  My thoughts are always with others and whilst many of us are having happy times there are many having very sad times.