An Alternative Pretty White Halloween

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After the wonderfully staged and ghoulish Strictly came on tonight, there was much excitement eminating from Twinks, not only practising her fantastic and rather worrying Shakira dance moves but also a hugely animated excitement about Halloween.
So I finally succumbed to rummaging in my understairs cupboard and digging out our traditional spooky decorations which consist of:
 A Whittards ceramic orange pumpkin and a Whittards white ghost tealight holder
My pumpkin fairy lights and our purple and black hanging bat garland
All very tasteful of course and just enough to add a bit of spookiness to the house for the Halloween week! 
I did see some rather lovely glittery yet spooky door signs in Dunnes this week, but refrained already knowing my bill on kitting Twinks out with a basic winter wardrobe was going to be quite high!
Trying to find a real pumpkin here in Spain takes a master class in driving around all the local supermarkets hoping to spot an object that resembles something round and orange.
I suppose this will be my mission on Monday, I may strike lucky at Supersol or El Campo, if not I am considering how a carved aubergine will fair?! 
It already has a ghost shape so this is my plan b!  In fact I could perhaps start a new trend of aubergine ghosts covered with gold glitter!
Tonight I have found some rather lovely white pumpkin images, I am sure they have another name as they are part of the squash family, but living in a country where we cannot easily find an orange pumpkin the chances of being able to find a white one is non existent!
But it is always so refreshing to see and share something different.  I found the first photo on pinterest a few weeks ago and love use of the white pumpkin as a ceiling pendant, although what practical use this has I have no idea but design does not have to always be practical!
Tonight on one of my current favourite blogs, Heart Handmade UK, they are sharing a gorgeous white pumpkin Halloween post which I could not resist sharing with you.
I love the use of the Liberty fabrics and gold teacups with the mint accents, definitely a popular colour combination for 2013 weddings and very fresh and pretty and what a lovely alternative to the orange and blacks that we are being bombarded with albeit I do love it!
So here is wishing you all a wonderful and spooky week and a Happy Halloween!

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