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Wedding Trends for 2013 Gorgeous Paper Lanterns

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Here at Reviva Weddings we are well known for our romantic, magical and twinkly settings for our fabulous Mediterranean weddings and parties.  If it twinkles we love it!
As one of the trendsetters here in Spain for creating sparkly, twinkly evenings, we are always looking for new ideas and beautiful products to create charming magical evenings once our gloriously hot sunshine disappears and the Mamma Mia style nights descend!
We are, therefore, delighted to be stocking these gorgeous hand cut paper lanterns in a Moroccan or Vintage floral design for our 2013 weddings. 
These lanterns are magical in the evening when lit and such beautiful decorations during the day suspended from trees or placed around key features such as walls, special tables and candy bars.
A range of colours and sizes can be ordered, even super cute tiny ones, perfect for adding a delightful favour box to your place settings.  We also offer beautifully hand cut circular menus to compliment these gorgeous paper lanterns.
If you would like to order these delightful paper lanterns for your wedding or party and would like more information please do contact us, we will also be stocking a range of these new lanterns in our shop here in Marbella.
Please do note these designs are copyrighted by our fabulous paper designer and cannot be reproduced.

Reviva just got Festive!

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Here at Reviva we are known for our trend setting, gorgeous wedding designs throughout the summer.

But what girls cannot resist festive glitter and sparkle :)! 

We have added snow to our blog to get into the festive mood and are busy refurbing and filling our pretty shop with many delightful Christmas decorations and festive florals. 

 Our new fabulous Christmas glitter words have arrived, they are super sparkly and perfect for displaying on your mantlepiece or shelves to bring some very glittery festive cheer into your home. 
We are stocking a small selection but if you wish to have a personalised glitter word made for Christmas do pop down and see us or email us at
Our hugely popular vintage style signs fly off the shelves as soon as they arrive so we have just restocked, they make the perfect present all year round.
Next week we start creating fresh advent wreaths and stocking many beautiful Christmas foliages from fresh blue pines, berries, poinsettias and amaryllis.
If you wish to order a beautiful Christmas arrangement or bouquet please do pop in and make sure you are on our order book. 
Our talented styling team also offer a Christmas decoration service.
 Perhaps you want a gorgeous professionally dressed Christmas tree set up in your home, your mantelpiece dressed beautifully for a dinner party or some festive decoration for a corporate event.

 Whatever the occasion, from a private home to a company celebration let us help you decorate and dress your festive event with huge amounts of style!
We stock a range of Christmas cards and gift tags, gorgeous velvet glitter ribbons, (could not resist!) and some very sparkly candle holders all arriving next week as well as the festive month of December arrives!
Along with our beautiful flowers, plants and decorations you can be assured that popping into our shop to see us will be a treat and do hop into the Arte Cafe next door for a warming latte or hot chocolate or treat yourself to delicious breakfast or lunch.  Definitely a Christmas shopping trip worth putting in your diary!

Swedish Christmas Inspirations

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It is that time of year where I have time to inspire myself as our wedding season comes to an end, Christmas is on it´s way and the rains have arrived in true spanish style, full force bucket fulls of water accompanied with flash floods, thunder, lightening and tornedos!
Days now seem incredibly short and it gets dark early which I find incredibly frustrating but keep telling myself now after 5 weeks the days will start to get longer again.
There seems so much to pack into such a short space of daylight hours at the moment.
But at night, I am lucky to still be sat outside tucked up on my cosy terrace, drinking lots of hot chocs as I spend long evenings looking at ideas, fashions and inspirations.
I do love the Northern European Style.
I sometimes wish I had two houses, one Scandinavian style as well as my Mediterranean style home. 
My Mediterranean home, is very Bazaar style, bright colours, white washed walls and flashes of bright colours, mainly olive greens, turquoises and pinks, sometimes perhaps a bit too much pink but I love it, albeit I am at the moment painting my kitchen a fabulous blue so there is a god :)! 
My home is a mess of things I have collected over the years that I am constantly trying to assemble into an order.  I am famous for binning things if they do not work so many items from my house have been dumped recently at our local bins as I minesweep our home yet again!  My family get rather worried when I am in this mood!
I have tried the Scandinavian style in my own home when I first moved here with dark grey walls, mixed with whites, gingham and white twigs and I just could not live with it, it was too sombre and just did not lift me at all. 
Yet I do love the style, perhaps it is something to do with the light, lifestyle, I am not sure.
When I worked in Display design, I had the most fabulous mentor and boss who was German and she certainly stamped her style on me as we were very good friends and worked together for years, it was not just her style but her lifestyle that shaped me without me realising how much, until now. 
Often when I am doing things or cooking some of her recipes handed down to me I can see how much I am like Hannah.  I have been thinking about her a lot this week as I decorate my home and turn out recipe after recipe that she taught me.  There are so many of her influences that I have continued into my adult life and I owe her for many a fabulous recipe, beautiful home and inspiration!
I have an affection for the wonderful simplicity the Northern Europeans have design wise and the fact they still use a lot of natural materials within their homes, styles and designs. I found this gorgeous website from Sweden to share with you Olsson and Jensen and I just love the style and photography along with their beautiful Christmas decorations to inspire you with a Swedish Christmas.
I am afraid I will be sticking to my silvers, vintage glass, shoe and handbag theme which is now mixed along with cupcake baubles in hot pinks ;)!  We are in Marbella after all!

Alternative Ideas for Wedding Message Books, Personalised Caricatures

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Finally on the 10.11.12 we finished our season of wonderful weddings for 2012 and thought it would be a lovely idea, over the next few months, to share some of our new products we created for our clients in 2012.
We hope to inspire you with ideas and to share with you the amazing array of delightful details you can have to personal your wedding day.
Our personalised caricatures this year were a big hit and here are a few of our couples beautifully portrayed as cartoons 🙂  We loved them and they were definitely a fun and alternative idea to wedding guest books. 
All our couples that booked this were delighted with the results and there were many fun squeals of delight when they saw their caricatures!
All we need to create these are some photos of the happy couple, either together or individually, that we then send to our hugely talented man that can based in the UK.
Literally a day later we get back these wonderful caricatures, in a high resolution, that we then send to be printed onto a A3 or A2 print.
Once the prints are back we create a mount to surround them with enough room for the guests to leave useful, happy or drunk messages on 🙂 
It is a wonderful and fun keepsake that you can take home and frame. 
Much more visible than a satin guest book that will gather dust in a cupboard.
Our caricatures are perfect as well for destination weddings where getting anything onto a plane now requires the skill of fitting a king size duvet into a matchbox to weigh less than 0.2 kilos :)!
If you would like a caricature created for your wedding day please do contact us or hop onto our facebook page and leave us a message 🙂

Icecreams & Magical Garden Wedding at the Marbella Club

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As I sit here tonight watching a huge storm raging across Marbella, I am cosy and warm enjoying looking at all the wonderful images we are still being sent of our weddings this year by the hugely talented photographers we work with. 
After our very busy season, nothing is better than being curled up and ooohing and ahhhing over our weddings we have worked so hard on. 
Meticulously planned, delighted clients, glorious sunny days, fabulous florals and all the individual details that made that wedding unique.
Every eventuality has to be thought about beforehand and the organisation and creativity that goes into our weddings before the actual day is enormous.
 Plan b´s to plan z´s and what if´s are all accounted for before the big day arrives.
I always breath a sigh a relief on the actual wedding day as all the work has been done.  It is just a matter of setting everything up and putting all the plans into action.
Occasionally we might get the odd surprise, recently one of our make up artists had a car crash on the way to a wedding in the rain, it was quickly resolved by the ever calm Carla.  Luckily our make up artist was fine but we were all shaken up as she is pregnant. 
Our September wedding we are showcasing today, thanks to the wonderful photos sent to us by David Toms, was held at the Encarnacion Church in Marbella followed by a fantastic reception at the Marbella Club in the Villa Del Mar.
The wedding theme was based on a Secret Garden, the details were gorgeous from keys unlocking Secret Garden menus, beautifully designed and created by Anoulka, to the stunning trees that adorned the tables, complete with fairy lights and hanging votives.
The stunning Secret Garden cake table was created by Sweet Things By Fi and involved five hours of work with me helping Fi style the table, using mosses, flowers and wooden tree stumps.  Fi was very lucky no cakes or cake pops went missing but I was all too aware the whole process was being videoed so was behaving myself 🙂
The whole of the Villa Del Mar was dressed with beautiful floral displays, the gardens were lit with a magical twinkle, chandeliers and uplighters, the entertainment was fantastic, a wonderful day was had by all.
Our thanks to David Toms for these wonderful photos, without these fantastic images we would not be able to share our weddings with you, unless it was with my iphone on Instagram! 
Our congratulations to Sophie and Chris on their fabulous wedding here in Marbella and my thanks to my very hard working team that worked for many man hours to make sure every detail was covered and this wedding was a success, Carla, Paloma, Anoulka and Cindy x

Christmas Styling and Decoration Ideas

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There are 54 sleeps until Christmas and now that Halloween is out the way, I have started thinking and planning for Christmas.
I absolutely love this time of year where there are so many amazing creative people starting to blog very magical, twinkling images inspiring us all to decorate our homes beautifully and enjoy what is a very pretty and festive occasion, it can never come around quickly enough for me! 
In fact the reason I trained as a window dresser was because as a small child I absolutely loved the magic of the Christmas displays in London in Selfridges, Harrods and Hamleys and by the age of 20 I was a fully fledged display designer creating them!
Torie Jayne is one of my favorite designers that I follow as I love her work and the clean crisp style she adopts and I was immediately entranced tonight by these beautiful Christmas images she shared from Lisabeth Dahl
So as Christmas approaches and the land of creative blogging becomes magical and wondrous I will share many inspirations with you from my rather fabulous reading list 🙂

Adding Pinterest to Blogger

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I am bouncing around tonight with excitement as finally I have worked out how to add the coveted Pinterest buttons to my blog :)!!
Not just a follow me Pinterest badge, which I did quickly tonight as this is easy, but to add Pin It to every image on my blog.
I have posted a lovely image of one of my obsessions, ribbons 🙂 just so you can see the Pin It in action!
 I was not bought up with computers, so everything I know and continue to learn has been self taught through many hours of googling, watching tutorials, and really just finding my way around.  Plus I do find my daughters very helpful as from the ages of six they were teaching me how to do predicitive texting and more recently uploading apps to my iphone for me 🙂  I am beginning to sound like a Geek!
 I have spent years learning how to create websites, studying online social marketing and keeping up to date with trends, it is a subject I find hugely interesting and fascinating, I could never have started my business without the wonderful world of worldwide web.
Technology, as far as I am concerned, is still rocket science but I am hooked and do love finding out how to do things and always love a challenge.
 Tonight having added the very popular Pinterest buttons to the photos on this blog I thought I would share how I did it with you.
 There are many creative people out there with fabulous blogs that are probably the same as me and spend hours googling to find out how to do teccie things on their blogs! 
Having been googling for hours tonight and reading goodness knows how many tutorials with many what seemed hugely complicated HTML things to do I finally fell upon, you guessed it, a wonderful blog written by a woman, in woman terminology, Code it Pretty
Call me biased but men seem to make things seem more complicated!
Everything I wanted to do on my blog was here, it was so easy to follow.
I have to admit when I hit the edit HTML code I always freeze and having had a few disasters in my time I always expect to lose five years of work and my heart is in my throat whilst tweaking away at these computer things!
Reassuringly I am told to do a back up of my blog which I dutifully do before making any changes and then with lump still in throat I hit the save HTML template button and view blog, nothing?! 
I go through the whole process again and wham the buttons have appeared, I am delighted, another achievement under my belt!
Do head over to Code it Pretty if you want Pin It´s on each photo on your blog it really is very easy.