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Marbella Video Productions by Silverscreen Weddings

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Gone are the days of your uncle or father in law gliding around your wedding clutching his latest home video camera and announcing he will be taking care of your filming for your wedding day!  

My wedding video was created by my uncle and my father in law to be and I remember laughing as we watched the end results particularly at the beginning when “Tell Laura I Love Her” had been edited into the video along with falling confetti and we could see my uncle´s hands merrily scattering the petals!   Nevertheless we enjoyed it and loved seeing all our guests partying.  There were many parts of the day I was not witness to, as it all goes by so quickly, so it was wonderful to see such a special day from a different perspective captured onto video, albeit a very early version! 

It was put together with a lot of care and love by my uncle and I think it is fabulous this special occasion and a special part of my life was captured on movie film as well as documented in photos.  

Now I am going way back to the late eighties when there was no savvy, cinematic stylish documentaries of your wedding day available and video had only recently been invented.

But how times have changed and the videos we watch now of our wonderful couples on their magical and special days reduce me to tears every time.  These bespoke videos beautifully capture such precious moments, are amazingly edited and are like watching a romantic love film. 

I so wish I had something like this albeit I would probably be cringing at my large eighties hair do and shoulder pads but would love it all the same!  It is all a part of history and captures such magical and memorable moments.

Douglas Farrelly of Silverscreen Weddings, is an accomplished and highly professional Irish Wedding videographer and has earned the reputation as one of Ireland´s leading International Wedding Videographers having recently been nominated as one of Ireland´s top four Videographers and one of Ireland´s top 100 wedding suppliers.

Douglas has been filming and creating beautiful and contemporary wedding videos for fifteen years in Ireland and Spain and is renowned for his Irish charm, unobtrusive nature and discreet filming style with no staged shots and captures your wedding day in a relaxed reportage style.  

Using the latest high definition cameras for filming and wireless microphones for optimum sound and quality, Douglas understands the importance of providing a discreet and professional service during his filming of your wedding day.   

Douglas is a highly qualified film maker and has a professional background in broadcast editing and ensures every wedding video Silverscreen Weddings creates is personally edited by him.

We are thrilled to share a competition with you from Silverscreen Weddings who will be giving one lucky couple a 500 euro gift voucher.   To enter this fabulous competition, simply email with the couples full names, the wedding date, name and address of ceremony and reception venue, a contact phone number, your wedding planners details if you have hired a planner and how you heard about Silverscreen Weddings.

The winners will be announced on the 16th April 2013.  If you know someone who is getting married you can enter on their behalf.
If you are hosting your wedding here in Spainand would like to hire a professional wedding videographer to create a fabulous, cinematic, reportage style wedding film of your special day do pop over to Silverscreen Weddings or email them to find out more information about their Marbella Video Production Services.

If you would like to see a snippet of Silverscreen Weddings work do click here to watch a beautiful wedding last year at the stunning Marbella Club of Karen and Taghi, such a charming and delightful couple who had been together for 25 years and finally decided it was time to say the big I Do!

I personally loved the fact all their tables were named after flowers with the top table called Lily, the name of their beautiful daughter, and that they did manage to get home the beautiful vintage white mirror table seating plan which is now hanging on their bedroom wall :)!

Happy Easter from Reviva Weddings

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We never really sign off here at Reviva Weddings but this does not stop us planning a lovely weekend here in Marbella as family and friends arrive despite predicted thunderstorms and rain, deep joy!    

Wishing all our friends and clients a fabulous Easter weekend and we hope you get to eat lots of chocolate 🙂

Gorgeous Bridesmaids Accessories

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Fallen in love with this gorgeous shop on Etsy so had to share with you!

Gorgeous wedding clutches, shoe clips, hair accessories and sashes, do pop over for a nosey 🙂

Ikat Inspirations for Weddings

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I love the fusion of different cultures into weddings and have been watching with interest the latest fashion to storm into wedding world replacing the 2012 chevron trend.

Ikat is not a classic and timeless design either for weddings, but never the less we are going to share a few inspirations with you over the next week using Ikat within a wedding design as it is about to storm wedding world for 2013.

Ikat is a dyeing technique similar to tie and die and popular in many Asian countries, the actual word Ikat originates from Indonesia and the designs, I think, have a lovely ethnic quality to them and remind me of a very 70´s bedlinen I had as a child in the classic peach and grey!

I love the use of Ikat in this wedding featured above by High Society as there are a lot of interesting design and styling elements pulling this fabulous wedding design together.

Ikat would be perfect for a bohemian beach style wedding in shades of whites, blues and turquoises and I do want to incorporate this design into one of our gorgeous beach weddings we are designing here in September.

Here though, I love the combination of the rather grand, stately venue as a backdrop to the ornamental decor, from the vivid colours of the florals, combined with the ethnic qualities of the Moroccan style lamps and Ikat table runners.  

There is such a use of contradictory styles and yet they work so well together to create a stunning setting for this beautiful wedding.

To see more of this gorgeous Ikat styled wedding do head over to High Society.

Spanish Inspiration Board for Weddings in Spain

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I shared this fabulous inspiration board yesterday on Reviva´s Facebook page but had to post this gorgeous board from Camille Styles on the Blog too in case any of our readers and followers are not connected to us on Facebook.

 For me this gorgeous board has so many Spanish overtones, there is something rather dramatic about it which of course is evocative of our Andalucian flamenco drama that I adore and I love the combination of navy with the reds and dark pinks mixed with golds, it has my design brain ticking!

Do hop over and like our Facebook page we are always sharing fab ideas, inspirations and colour boards.

Lavender and Purple Wedding Inspirations in Marbella

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Lavender and purple is such a pretty, feminine and romantic colour scheme and you can never really go wrong with this colour combo, so today we have gone lavender crazy and shared some gorgeous inspiration boards that we are working on with our clients, to offer a bit of advice when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers for a hot climate.

Spring is the lavender time with some beautifully gorgeous smelling flowers from hyacinths, purple tulips, muscari and irises.  I wish we had more spring weddings here but sadly, with a sad face, Spain is a hot summer destination wedding area and spring weddings are scarce!

Recently I have been hugely excited to find tiny purple wild irises growing near our house and scattered in the fields around Marbella and Ronda, they disappeared for a while, but are now reappearing and look like bluebells from a distance. a wonderful sight.  

Lavender is also beginning to shoot out some pretty flowers so I will be picking these and drying them out ready to decorate napkins and use in our wedding decorations, I am sure our gardeners must wonder why all the lavenders in our village are beheaded every year but not planning to come clean!

Many of our weddings are hosted in our glorious, fabulously hot summers so what lavender and purple florals do we recommend to create this gorgeous colour combo in the summer heat in Marbella.

Hydrangeas, such a large fabulous bloom but prone to wilting in the heat, fine in water but for a wedding bouquet simply out of the question.  

There are some beautiful roses such as the Cool Water that are perfect for bouquets and all roses will withstand the heat here in Spain if prepared and treated properly.

Other gorgeous lilac and purple flowers to consider are freesia, lisianthus, veronicas, delphiniums and cala lilies along with the gorgeous purple vanda orchids, such a beautiful and exotic flower.

We hope you enjoy these inspirations for a beautiful lilac wedding palette and our advice for choosing your flowers for your wedding in a hot climate.

A Secret Garden Wedding Inspiration

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As a young girl my magical world was provided by reading books and I was transported by my imagination into different worlds. I loved books and the wonderful places they would take me to that filled my dreams as I slept.   

Sometimes I wonder if it is this that made me want to create magical spaces as I became an adult.

Enid Blyton´s Faraway Tree,The Wishing Chair, My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell and the Famous Five are all some of many books I was fortunate enough to read as a small child and absolutely loved and I am so lucky my mother encouraged our reading of these enchanting stories.  

One of my favourite novels was The Secret Garden by Frances Hogdson Burnett, I so loved the mysterious wonder of this book and what the Secret Garden held within it´s walls as it was unlocked and discovered.

A Secret Garden wedding for me having read this book would be difficult to achieve with everything my imagination conjures up but I adore this photo shoot created by Hannah Gooch and Sarah Gawler featured on Love My Dress, it has that lovely mysterious quality about it that is so evocative of how I imagine a Secret Garden wedding.

I love the combination of nature and the glamour of the dress.  The styling details are beautifully done so I had to share this gorgeous and magical secret garden inspiration with you 🙂  If you have any beautiful childhood memories you would like to incorporate into your wedding day, we would love to hear about them.

Flamenco in Seville Featured on Junebug Weddings

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Today we are yet again squeaking with delight to have one of our favourite 2012 weddings featured on Junebug Weddings.

It is lovely to be transported back to the summer of 2012 and the wonderful Mediterranean hot sunny days and revisit the wedding we created for Charles and Victoria in the beautiful city of Seville.

Victoria and Charles were a delightfully charming couple from London who contacted us at the beginning of 2012 and booked us as their planner and wedding stylist.  When they contacted us they had already booked a venue in Seville and so the planning started but as the wedding drew closer it became apparent this venue could not afford to open it´s doors so three months before the wedding Carla made an emergency dash to Seville to meet with Charles and Victoria with a shortlist of five venues to choose from and El Esparragal was chosen.  I was delighted as I preferred this venue and so the fun bit began.

Victoria and Charles were so up for an Andalusian theme, they had beautiful moving olive oil ceremony followed by a fabulous Sevillian dancing horse flamenco show to entertain their guests during the cocktail.

We styled the wedding using the famous Osborne Spanish Black Bull, the unofficial national symbol of Spain, and combined this design with a heavy influence of flamenco and  Andalusian passion.  From the red and black polka dot fans to the gorgeous red roses, Anoulka´s fabulous stationery we designed, including the black bull wine glass place cards, the bull style table numbers, our Feria style message poster and the beautiful Order of Service fans with a vintage lace detail beautifully set off this unique wedding style.

We loved styling the chill out, albeit I never realised how heavy haystacks were and Izzi was still picking bits of hay out her legs the next day!

I have to admit it was HOT, I don´t think I have ever drunk so many waters in my life! Heaven knows how Carla and Paloma managed to put their black jackets on ready for the evening to oversee the party.  Such an amazing weekend for everyone involved including us, we so enjoyed it and have so many lovely memories.

Our thanks to Anna Gazda for such gorgeous photos and documenting such a fabulous day.

A Few Pretty Things

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 Personally I seem to be suffering some very sad weeks, the passing of beautiful family and loved pets.

I find whilst I search for inspiration I find beautiful images that please me and make me realise time and time again how pretty life is and it should be shared.   

I know this my vocation as I create dream days and each one is special, individual and I love them.

So I thought I would share a few of the fabulous images I have stored away with you just in case you are having sad moments too in the hope you may see a beautiful life ahead just as I do.

I thank the thousands of people on our worldwide web that share these wonderful images with us, perhaps they have no idea how much they can evoke an emotion or make someone´s day but let´s say a big Thank You for all those glorious images every day.

I hope they make you smile or feel happy x

Sequins and Glitter for Weddings in Spain

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As our quest for all that glitters and sparkles grows, you can imagine our delight at finding this gorgeous photo shoot on Ruffled 🙂

I had to share this wonderfully twinkly inspiration with you, from the delightful silver glitter cake to the slightly sparkly heart shaped cookies plus of course the sequin table covers and divine pastel floral arrangements.  I squeaked and went to to heaven and back!
If you would like to add some sparkle to your wedding do contact us, we have everything here from glitter stationery, sparkly hearts and sequinned table linens. 

Reviva is not just rocking this year but twinkling beautifully 🙂