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A beautiful Wedding from Evenpic Photography

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As weddings go this one looks pretty cool to us, it rocks Spain, rustic chic and is beautiful and we are delighted to share with you some fabulous photos from one of our hugely talented photographers, Fran at Evenpic photography.  We will post more of this beautiful wedding soon with the details so watch this space!

Awesome Wedding Weekend but with a Tale

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Here at Reviva we have just completed an awesome weekend for some of our clients but with a tale involved.

We thought we would share this with you as there are times when weddings can take over peoples lives and whilst we understand you are hosting the biggest day of your life sadly there are occasions that can dramatically change the best planned weddings in the world and we have just finished a wedding in which exactly this happened to our lovely bride and groom.

A few months ago their best man and usher were horrifically attacked whilst picking up their suits for the wedding rendering both of them critically ill in hospital.   

Life and wedding plans halted as our couple spent many evenings with their best friends in hospital and we were instructed to just carry on with everything ready for their big day.  

This was never going to be easy for anyone but we continued to organise and design their wedding as they did not wish to delay or cancel it as they had friends and family travelling from all over the world including Australia.

Thankfully one friend recovered enough to attend their wedding which made it very special but very sadly the other is still very ill in hospital.

A lot of thought was given as to how to manage their special day and it was decided at the last minute to have the wedding videoed too so they can share this with their friend, a big thank you to Gary Tapp who came up trumps at very short notice and sent his assistant Rebecca and joined her later to capture some very special moments on video to share with their friend.

Life can change at any time and here as wedding planners we will pull out all the stops beyond and above duty to help in any way we can and it has been an amazing weekend working with some of our fabulous suppliers who, like us, go beyond what is expected of them because they love what they do. 

We have just had a ball and the most awesome weekend with our lovely couple, a fabulous wedding in the beautifully stylish polo grounds at Sotogrande working with the most wonderful Justo, Rob and their team, followed by a very cool beach party this afternoon at Chambao which I have no doubt is still going judging from the wedding day! 

It has been an emotional weekend and Isabel worked very hard to make sure everything went smoothly for our delightful couple. 

We have saved mementos from the wedding including candy from the candy bar and cake for our couple to take back to their friend, awesome photos coming soon from Andreas Holm and from the very cool photo booth!

After our clients beach party today we met with one of our other couples from a few years ago to be introduced to their delightful new addition to their family.  Our congratulations to Katie and Scott on the arrival a few months ago of the delightful Joseph, he was so cute and fluffy!   I fear I maybe cot buying again, as a wedding planner is for life according to many of our delightful couples!

Do take time out during your wedding day to sit back and watch your family and friends, life is taken for granted but can change at anytime so whilst you maybe fretting over your favours and ribbon colours, appreciate the people who have been able to share your day with you and make the effort to speak with everyone, you never know what is round the corner.

A Music Festival Themed Wedding in Ronda

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Reviva are steaming into their 2014 weddings, having just returned from a wonderful wedding weekend for Debs and John who flew in all the way from Australia to host a wonderful wedding in Toledo complete with sneakers, cannot wait to share this wedding with you! 

The weather here is fabulous for May, summer arrived complete with blue skies and sunshine just after Easter Monday and here we are busily preparing for our May and June weddings.   Some are gold, some are silver, lots of glitter, sequins and sparkle so getting very excited!

We are currently working on quite a few weddings in the beautiful Ronda area and having been searching for images to show our clients, we realised then we had only shared a few images of one of our favourite weddings from last August of Barbara and Stuart, so here are a few more taken by the talented photographer Anna Gadza.

We loved working on this wedding and squeaked with delight when we saw the cute bridesmaids dresses accessorized with gold sandals and the fact that Barbara and Stuart wanted music festivals as their table names.

It was a rustic style wedding which worked beautifully with this gorgeous venue and as every couple has a budget that we always work with, we enjoyed coming up with some money saving ideas such as bringing in haystacks to use for the chill out.  Coupled with a few bright throws and cushions this was a perfect solution to creating a lovely chill out area by the pool at little cost.  We loved creating all the details for this special day from the lemonade welcome drinks station to creating little origami bird garlands to hang from the trees along the rather hot cheese stack tower!  It was a hot one and hit over 40 degrees but along with lots of water and Cheetos, Jess survived!

Barbara and Stuart had a fantastic day celebrating their special occasion with their family and friends, even after their best man broke his leg just before the wedding and was told he could not fly he took to the road with his friend to drive from the UK to Spain so as not to miss their special day.

We have many wonderful stories about facing diversity during weddings, one is a very sad one at the moment but we are working hard to make sure our beautiful bride and groom enjoy their day despite currently facing devastating circumstances that have affected their day.

Every wedding has a story and we love to share these with our couples, get to know them, how they met and understand when sometimes things go terribly wrong and help in every way we can to make sure their special day goes according to the best plan available.