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Wedding Trends for 2015 in Spain

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Finally we reach the end of September which has been an amazing month of creating beautiful weddings here in Spain.

We have been hot footing it around Andalucia leaving our trails of ribbons, confetti and glitter in Malaga, Seville, Sotogrande and Marbella working at some of our favourite and fabulous venues.

Tonight we head into the glorious month of October which is one of my favourite months.

Not only because it is my birthday, and a big one this year, but also whilst we are doing a few more weddings this month, it is a time when the country finally seems to slow down back to the laid back Spain we know and love.  The tourists have left along with the intense heat, car parks and shops are accessible again and life takes on a quieter more refined air about it!

It is at this time I love to look back at the past year and summarise what we achieved and look forward to the next year.  We now have precious time to look at trends and design ideas for our up and coming weddings and work with our future couples planning and creating their dream days.

I thought I would share with you some of the new colour and design trends I can see popping up for 2015.  2014 was very much the year of blush and golds and soft romantic styles which will continue into 2015 but greens will play a bigger role from dark evergreens to the soft mints.

Foliage and succulents will play a much bigger part with the now popular loose style bouquets, dreamy ceremony backdrops and nature will feature heavily creating romantic scenes using live trees and woodland styles.

Another trend I spotted this year was a bigger importance again on favours, which have been scarce since 2007 due to the recession and wavering wedding budgets.

But this year we saw more couples bring a favour budget back into their wedding presenting some delightful gifts to their guests from miniature wedding cakes beautifully presented in boxes to pretty candles, cool bottles stoppers and some exquisite and luxury chocolates.   If you do have to know yes I tested some but with the bride’s permission!

We are tapping our fingers now waiting very patiently for our hugely talented photographers to send us more images of our actual weddings here in Spain so until this moment we will continue now to share ideas and more inspirations with you as we enjoy the winter and work on our future wedding designs.

Our image credits go to Decor 8 and Pinterest.

Hidden Costs of Planning a Destination Wedding you Did not Count On

September 2nd, 2014 Posted by Getting Married in Spain, Hidden costs of weddings abroad, Planning a Destination Wedding, Wedding Budgets, Wedding Planners Spain 0 thoughts on “Hidden Costs of Planning a Destination Wedding you Did not Count On”

One of the first things you do when planning your wedding is work out a wedding budget so you can start the fun things of finding a perfect venue, the dress and suppliers such as photographers, entertainment and decor.

But you do need to be prepared for those hidden costs and the unexpected and we do advise all our clients to add an extra 10% onto their wedding budget as those unforeseens pop up.  

We thought we would share a few hidden weddings costs that most of our couples do not anticipate when planning a destination wedding and also I will share a huge bug bear of mine when it comes to dealing with wedding venues with ‘in quote’ ‘wedding packages’, so to avoid any big surprises do read on.

1. Hair, make up and beauty treatments

All of us want to look out best on wedding days so do take into account the cost of wedding pampering and the hair and make up trials.  

Most hair and make up trials will be around 60 euros each and having nails, pedicures, eyelash extensions and other beauty treatments will soon add to your wedding budget.  

It is always a good idea to set aside a budget for this dependent on how many bridesmaids and members of the wedding party you will be offering beauty treatments to.

2. Wedding Dress and Suits Steaming and Pressing

Many of our destination weddings have their outfits carefully packed and hung out ready for the big day but often they require some steaming or pressing, do add a professional steam or press into your budget as well as buying pre rehearsal and post wedding day outfits if entertaining your guests over a 3 or 4 day period which is common for a destination wedding.

3. Staff meals

There are usually a whole host of wedding professionals helping you along with your day and many of them are working more than a 12 hour shift in a hot climate.  

Most venues and caterers offer a staff meal and refreshments so you will need to account for the wedding planner, the photographer and videographer and perhaps the band, DJ, etc and any technicians who are required on site throughout the day and night.

4. On The Day Lunch

As you and your bridal party are getting ready you will need to eat as you prepare for your wedding.  

Most venues and caterers will bring a sandwich platter and drinks to your room and of course every bridal party needs to add cava or champagne to calm the pre-wedding nerves so allow for some pre bridal and pre groom lunches and drinks.

5. Stationery

It is always wonderful to receive a beautiful wedding invitation in the post but consider the cost of sending our your invites, including the postage, which can quickly add up.

Combined with on the day stationery such as Order of Services, table seating plans, table names and place cards and all your paper goods for the day, this can be quite a cost but also stamps a style to your wedding day so it is a very important consideration to add to your wedding budget particularly with destination weddings as it is not easy to DIY this when travelling abroad.

Regarding hidden costs of venues that offer wedding packages here are some of the things that may not be included, so be warned of the extras that pop up when negotiating and organising the extras with your venue.

1. Microphones and sound equipment for speeches

It goes without saying there will be speeches and some background music at weddings, but be aware many venues do not offer this as part of their package, it is an extra and can be anything from 150 euros to 300 euros.

2. Water

We host weddings in a very hot country and it is courtesy to offer your guests a cool water as they arrive ready for your ceremony.  Here in Spain we do not drink tap water so all water supplied is bottled and this comes with a cost that is not included in the pre wedding arrival of guests which can average around 2.50 euros per head.  Quite a cost with 100 to 200 guests.

3. Wedding Cakes

Bringing in your own wedding cake, again be aware that if you are ordering a cake from an outside supplier they maybe a cost from the venue per head to cut and serve this cake.

This service will require the venue’s staff time, you will be using their plates and cutlery and this needs to be paid for so do check with your wedding venue the cost of this if you are planning on bringing in catering in any shape or form from outside suppliers.

While some of these costs are unavoidable and others are not essential it is good to know from the start so there are no hidden surprises so do build this into your wedding budgets and always add an extra 10% just in case.