Ceremony Times for Summer Weddings in Spain

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The long awaited cooler September weather arrived today much to the delight of all the people who live and work in Southern Spain, we had fresh winds, even some rain, lots of yays on Facebook and even considering cardis and boots!

This is cause for much celebration here as the last time I truly recall any sort of decent rain was for one of our weddings at the beginning of May which sadly was a sorry wet affair in more ways than one.

As we are booking our fabulous weddings now for 2017 and 2018, we are often faced with the ‘but I want to get married earlier, we get married in my country at 2pm and it seems a shame to waste the day’.

Ok guys here goes, from the middle of June until the beginning of September, Spain becomes an oven, it is hot.  

We are talking temperatures often in excess of over 40 degrees and inland in the cities, which by the way all the Spanish have left, it can rise to 50 degrees.  We have the town of Extramadura, which means extra hard, it is not referring to the terrain, it is referring to the living in an extremely hot place!  Cordoba is known as the sarten of Spain, in other words the frying pan of Spain so you get where I am coming from.

Now I want you to do a test if you are considering an early afternoon wedding in Spain.

Start by putting on your oven full blast with the oven door open and kitchen door shut, leave for about an hour until the kitchen temperature has risen to about 40 degrees.  Also make sure your central heating has been on full blast all day and has completely dried any air in your house out.

Now change into your heaviest suit or dress, if you have tights put these on they will add to the effect.

Set up your hair dryer on the highest temperature and place it so it blasts into your face.  If you have a sauna you do not need to do the rest, just go in it with the clothes on.

Now start trying to eat a hot meal and follow this with some serious dance moves for about 4 hours, stopping occasionally to make sure you can chat to someone and concentrate on what they are saying.

If you get it right you should have sweat running down your face and back and be so hot you don’t know where to put yourself.   Forget any make up, this ran off a long time ago and your hair should by now be soaked.  When your feet have swollen two sizes you can try on your shoes and do bear in mind you should keep these on for at least 8 hours.

When you have reached this temperature and demolished so much water you think you will burst you should get a good idea of what it is like temperature wise here in Spain during the summer afternoons.  Once you have completely overheated and if you are not in an ambulance on the way to hospital with heatstroke,  you can either shove your head in a freezer, rush to the car to put on your air con system or have a cold shower or maybe all three combined!

Any Spaniard or anyone that lives and works here dreads the I want a 2pm ceremony, that is what we do at home.  It is just possibly the worst torture ever to put yourselves and your guests through having to sit out in this searing heat.

I have had many comments such as it is OK we like a bit of sunshine, we don’t get it much here, or it is OK we can get them some fans, really, seriously?!  We have witnessed many people falling ill at weddings from heat stroke, it is not something to be taken lightly.

Do bear in mind if you are planning a destination wedding in a hot country, it is hot!  Timings change to accommodate this and most of our ceremonies do not start, in the summer months, until at least 6pm, in the height of summer 7pm or 8pm.

It is not wasting the day, as you can party all night, but it is being sensible.  Some of the milder months and in the winter here, it is a nice time to get married at say 4pm or 5pm, maybe in May or up until the middle of June, but after this you are opening yourselves up for pure heat torture.

Spaniards do not eat until 10pm at night, there is a reason, it is just too hot to even enjoy eating, we leave it until the cooler weather arrives at night.

With all this in mind do make a wise choice about your ceremony times and what sort of temperatures you are expecting your guests to endure.  You don’t want to be remembered as that wedding from hell where we were so hot we did not know what to do with ourselves!

If you would like more advice about keeping cool at weddings do check out our other blog posts where we have put together lots of useful advice and some lovely ideas to make your wedding a comfortable one.dsc_8214


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