Asking for money as a wedding gift dilemma solved!

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Ok so here goes, the touchy subject of asking guests for cash donations as a wedding gift instead of a toaster.

Many of our couples face this rather tricky dilemma, having already asked their guests to travel to their wedding which in itself is quite an expense to commit to with flights and accommodation.

So here is our take on this delicate subject,  do you then also expect them to contribute to your gift registry as well?

I know, having worked on hundreds of weddings, that often the couple are hoping for cash donations to either pay for their honeymoon or even offset against their wedding costs, it all helps either way and does not really matter how it is used.

But how do you go about asking for cash instead of the toaster.

There are some brilliant websites now available to do this in a nice way, hate the word nice but cannot think of a better description!  Perhaps tactful or discreet maybe appropriate.

So here we go, you can set up a wedding registry for an experience, the big thing at the moment, cash towards your honeymoon or indeed stuff for your home with these fabulous websites.

By setting up a registry on one of these websites takes away the stress of brazenly asking for money.

We know you don’t expect every guest to contribute as they would have already spent money on getting to your wedding which has wiped them out, but it does help the guests who do wish to buy you something and are not sure what to do.

With every wedding I organise, I have learnt that you need to make it easy for your guests and not leave them hanging in mid air with questions.  So whilst my couples fret about accommodation and travel arrangements for their guests they often overlook or just do not know what to do about asking for a wedding present, so let’s make it simple for your guests.

You can set up accounts on wedding registry websites such as Zola Weddings and Registry or Honey Fund or even set up an account on Go Fund Me but I personally prefer the slightly more wedding geared up websites such as Zola and Honeyfund as they are set out well and have the same goal.

Nucleus Home Intercom Systems also emailed me to bring my attention to this subject and below is a demographic of how things have now changed and couples want cash to buy them experiences or use against something useful such as a pair of cinema tickets or a date night with pizza.  We love these ideas and I know from experience that your guests are more than happy to buy you a date night rather than a toaster so just be brave, go for it and set up your experience registry!

My big motto is ‘guide your guests’, don’t micro manage them but do point them in the right direction, direct them to accommodation websites, your registry and be helpful, don’t leave them hanging in mid air wondering what is the best thing to do.

Nucleus_wedding_gift_guide_x2_v02 (1)

I hope this blog post has been useful and helps many couples with the asking for cash dilemma!

2 thoughts on “Asking for money as a wedding gift dilemma solved!”

Kate Wilson says:

This is a very informative post. It will certainly help a lot of people. Thanks for sharing.

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