How to handle a hot wedding!

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This past week Spain has had a heatwave, which is unusual for the middle of June, but temperatures have risen to the 40’s inland and over 30 on the coast. ¬†This, my lovelies, is shade temperature ūüôā

Many of my past clients have said to me “don’t worry we have nothing but clouds and rain here and are looking forward to seeing some sunshine and blue skies”.

Well this ain’t pleasant sunshine and blue skies, this is searingly fierce heat, it is like being locked in a sauna for the day!

I wrote a previous blog post, some years ago, about coping with the heat here for weddings but thought I would share some tips again having emerged this week from one wedding that is now in my top ten hottest weddings ever!  I am still recovering :)!

Water, never under estimate how much water everyone will drink, it will be gallons of the wet stuff, make sure you have plenty as when it is this hot no other drink will do and your guests will be knocking it back.  My wedding this week the couple bought all their drinks and I did mention they might need more water, needless to say it ran out quickly.f2ae308d2148e104214c57227df88e5b

Fans, Spanish love fans, Spain of course is famous for them, and there is a pretty good reason why.

When it is searingly hot and airless a fan is good way for your guests to get some air onto their faces to try to cool down, it may seem an additional and extra expense but really it isn’t.

It is a necessity and not an expensive item to add to your list to provide for your guests.  Not just the women as a cute accessory but for the men too, it is the only way your guests are going to be able to cool themselves down.

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Shade, never expect your guests to sit in the direct sunshine during the summer here.  They are wearing clothes and not a swimsuit, they have no access to a pool or the sea to cool down and will overheat very quickly.

Always make sure they are not expected to sit in direct sun otherwise you will have some guests taken ill with heatstroke.  I had 5 guests at one wedding a few years ago in Ronda that had to leave as they were so ill.

On this note don’t keep your guests waiting any longer than they have to. ¬†Whilst it is a tradition for the bride to be a bit late, don’t. ¬†One of the reasons 5 guests were taken ill at the wedding I mention is the bride was 30 minutes late and it was a wedding in Ronda well into the 40’s.

Don’t choose a ceremony time earlier than 4pm or better still 6pm. ¬†Whilst we listen to our clients saying they have morning and lunchtime weddings where they live, the Spanish don’t.

It is searingly hot here in the afternoons and does not even begin to start cooling down until about 6pm.  I was inside a church decorating it at 2pm this week and sweat was pouring off my face, this is in a cool stone building and out of the sun!

For my brides, spray deodorant spray everywhere, on your legs in particular so they don’t get stuck together!

I will never forget one of my brides, Emma, not moving during the entire cocktail so when I went up to her and asked her if she was OK she told me her legs were stuck together and she could not walk!!  Talcum powder is effective in this situation!

Consider an up do, wearing your hair down in extremely hot weather is beautiful but very sweaty, get as much air to your neck as possible, if you are wearing your hair down don’t touch it or brush it as it will just become wet.

Guys, buy lightweight suits, keep your jacket off until the last minute and then pop it on for the ceremony, again talc and a complete bottle of deo spray is good even around the back of your neck to keep your shirt collar dry.

Shoes, feet will swell up in this heat, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, I have lost count of the amount of guests who have kicked their heels off even during the ceremony and ended up walking around bare foot clutching their shoes for the rest of the day.

It is always a good idea to provide flip flops so guests have something they can pop on instead of walking around barefoot, there is always a rush to the flip flop basket!


Guests and general wedding clothes, choose natural fabrics, cotton, linen and silks, don’t try to wear synthetic fabrics which don’t breathe. ¬†I could not think of anything worse than wearing nylon!!! ¬† Try putting on nylon clothes and sitting in a sauna, you will soon get the jist of what I am talking about!

Salt, when you are dehydrating, salt is a good thing to eat along with drinking water, so provide salty snacks for your guests, I had one of my girls almost pass out at a wedding in Ronda and we had to revive her with cheetos and cold lemonade and made sure she lay down for an hour, even the suppliers can suffer from heatstroke so do make sure they all have access to water and drinks whilst they are setting up your wedding.

Cakes and flowers!  Ok here goes, many flowers will wilt in the heat, so speak with your florist and be guided by the types of flowers which will work, forget cutting off the beautiful bouganvillea and adding this to your decoration, as soon as it is cut it will begin to wilt unless it is kept in water.  Many delicate flowers will wilt, such as hydrangeas and peonies.  Forget buttercream cakes unless taken straight out a freezer!

Finally with the heat comes the bugs, pesky little things that will nibble away at you so spray yourself with mossie repellent sprays once the evening starts, perhaps consider providing a toiletry basket with deo sprays, mossie sprays, tissues, etc for your guests.

Spain is a beautiful country to choose for your wedding but do be sensible when planning your wedding.  Winter months can be wet but also stunning, it is hit and miss.

From the middle of May until the middle of October is our wedding season but do bear in mind from the middle of June until the beginning of September here it is extremely hot.  Inland weddings are much hotter than coastal areas and most of the cities inland such as Seville and Cordoba head to the coast for cooler weather during July and August.

I appreciate no one really understands the heat until they arrive here so bear all these tips in mind.  I had so many very hot red faced guests this week coming up to me asking if it is usually this hot, yes it is!

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