The Good, The Bad and the Slugs Under Rocks

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It is very rare and probably never happened before that I have posted such a blog post but I am so angered by this situation so here it is in black and white and for everyone to read in the big wide world of the internet in the hope that word gets out and about of this utterly ruthless couple who are currently plaguing and taking the piss our of our wedding world.  Excuse my French!

Our Wedding World, as we like to call it here, is a very close knit community.  All the venues and suppliers know each other and we are like one big family, with a few exceptions, and we look out for each other.

Together, with Lucy from Boutique Weddings, one of my good friends, we set up a closed Facebook group about 2 years ago,  purely for all the wedding suppliers here in Southern Spain.

On this private page, which is approved members only, we can exchange advice, ask for help, look for suppliers for unusual things and generally it is a place where any of our members can share experiences and let off steam.  With over 400 members it is not a page to be sniffed at.

This past week one of our members posted a very angry post about a charmless couple called Joy and Jeff Gurner.

Now Joy and Jeff Gurner are rather notorious here for ripping people off.
They have been involved in many antics for the past 12 years since I have been in this business and had unfortunately early on been conned by them.   Here are just some of their previous scam stories published on the internet and press from way back from ripping off a church for thousands, to not paying suppliers.


As with all conmen, they can be utterly charming and sell their souls, of which they have it seems sold many!

Joy, sadly, seems to feel the need to talk incessantly whilst her abiding husband Jeff, who set himself up as a minister to rake in more money, stands in the sidelines whilst they knowingly take money off clients and do not pay suppliers.

This past week alone they have just finished a wedding and left many suppliers hanging dry whilst they jet off to where ever they now live and are now probably rubbing their hands with glee about how clever they have been yet again and how much money they have managed to pocket from this wedding.

But this time they have taken it a step too far, they have involved many key suppliers in the wedding industry and we now know many of these poor suppliers have kept quiet previously in the hope they were going to get paid by these crooks.  Of course they were never going to be.

So here I am naming and shaming them as we do not want these slugs under rocks bringing a bad name to our fabulous wedding industry here of which there are so many honest and hard working professional suppliers from planners to providers, entertainers to photographers, caterers, florists and stylists.

We don’t want these slugs anywhere near our business or trying to take the piss out of our lovely suppliers who work so hard and deserve every penny they earn and insulting our intelligence.

I have heard so many stories this past week since one of our members posted up in anger at this couple and it appears almost every supplier has been scammed by them from photographers to singers, hair and make up to entertainers, cake makers, caterers, venues you name it the list is endless.

The excuses they have come out with for not paying suppliers are digging deep and shameful.  So here we are, we want them driven out of our industry and if this blog post helps any suppliers who are contacted by them or any clients that may sadly hire them then I know it was worth publishing this.

There is no website for them yet they seem to get business and I am really not sure where from but they operate under many email addresses, which of course they would do.

If this post has affected you, you can always contact us on our website to find out more and get help.

4 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and the Slugs Under Rocks”

clare beardon says:

Would love to use this as a link in my blog if that’s okay! Feel free to link to mine if it helps spread the word 😉

Hi Clare, yes do feel free, we need to spread the word! What is the name of your blog?

clare beardon says:

Thanks, it’s Costa del conned again……
It didn’t take too long for it to show when you google the dreadful duo! Just keep posting their names and tagging. You’ll be amazed how any hits you get from people googling their names!

Sarah Howard says:

We should all stick to the “pay us the balance on the day of the event” rules in our contracts (if we use them) in my case as a singer “before my performance”. I am not sure how this would work with caterers and flower people as they have shelled out for supplies, but they can withold the service (the dinner or handing over the flowers) til they have received their balance. It always seems a bit tough enforcing this, and a bit like you are money mad, but it might discourage con men like this. If you dont pay i dont play? If you dont pay, then dinner stays in the kitchen?! I suppose this would depend on if the conmen are still around on the day…100 angry guest and the Clients chasing them, and witholding their money might help, but if they have scarpered (with Clients’ money already) then the poor suppliers have to decide if they want to ruin the poor bride and groom’s day, and withold their service. After all the bride and goorm will have shelled out well in advance. It is a tough one. What a horrible scam in our lovely wedding family.

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