Merry Christmas from Reviva!

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Here at Reviva, we are signing out now for a break during the Christmas holidays and a well earned rest from the inbox!

I should really do a gushy post about how fabulous 2017 has been, how wonderful 2018 is going to be, etc so here it is from the heart.

Running a business is hard work, really hard work at times and it is like running a marathon but if you love what you do, it is part of your life and not a job, your business is your baby and you live and breathe it.

It will bring you wonderful highs and some nasty lows. You will meet people that you think you can trust only to have them shit on you from a great height, that takes some coming back from but you do eventually recover and are stronger and wiser.  Likewise you will meet some amazing friends that have your back and will support you to the end of time and it is these people in my life that I am eternally grateful for.

They have supported me, guided me, given me their opinions without judging me, picked me up, dusted me off and told me to keep at it and stepped in to help, you all know who you are 🙂

This past year I have felt much stronger again, fired up by my passion for the business having taken some very nasty knocks 3 years ago firstly with a trusted colleague trying to steal clients as she set up her own business and having to endure her for a rather tedious year as we parted company, followed by losing my beloved father, they say when it rains it pours and that was certainly the case.

Over the past 10 years I have organised many beautiful weddings, become friends with so many of my clients and as I look at my Facebook page I love watching some of my couples from years back sharing wonderful lives together and for this I am so happy and grateful I played a part of their journey.

2017 for me was a particularly special year, I finally turned a corner, had a few light bulb moments, worked with some amazing couples to create their dream days, had the support of wonderful suppliers and 2017 was a lot of fun.

I am really looking forward to 2018, we have many weddings already booked, planned and ready to roll and of course get enquiries in every day of which I hope we will be able to also spend time with creating their memories and dream days here in Spain.

Next year we have so many exciting things planned too, but for now I am signing out, taking a break and recharging the batteries!

We would like to wish all our past clients and future clients a wonderful festive season and a very Happy New Year.

I would also like to thank all the wonderful suppliers we work with, many are friends and without you all it would be impossible to do the job we do, you are all wonderful hard working professionals whose passion for our business is what makes our industry successful.

Spend your time with the ones you love, make memories and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Laura x


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