What a wonderful week!

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Everyone keeps telling us business owners we have to shout out about us, what we are (erh a human!), what we do (plan weddings and make them look amazing!) and our lives! (mine is pretty boring!)

So as I sit here patiently waiting for Santa to arrive before I can go to bed, I have been reflecting on the past week.

Every day is an event, certainly in my rather hectic life, but 3 wonderful things stand out for me this week as we lead up to Christmas and following on from my last post it is these small things that make me happy and the friendships I have built along the way that far outweigh the negative people I had suffered during my business life.

One of my close friends had her little baby girl. After a few months of being in and out of hospital and a worrying time finally a gorgeous little mini her popped into the world.  I am so happy, I am sure I am her surrogate mother!! A Christmas baby, what could be lovelier and to know that everything is OK and even her name sounds like mine which is something I will tease her about shortly 🙂

Then I won 100 euros on the Spanish lottery! This is a first for me as I never win anything so was really surprised.  A friend had posted on Facebook had anyone won so I decided to find my ticket and check online.  I still did not quite believe it when it told me I had won but sure enough I collected my winnings yesterday and quickly spent them of course!!  I only bought it the day before as spotted the queue at the Lottery kiosk and remembered it was the big one so told my family to wait whilst I quickly bought a ticket. Turns out it was a good idea!

My third lovely thing this week was a great couple I love, who are brilliant caterers here, got engaged. Now we are talking 11 years of being together, two children and building a business after some rather nasty setbacks. Again the joys of being in business, but with support in the industry they were able to move onwards and upwards and are now so successful they opened a restaurant too last year in San Pedro.  I love a success story 🙂

So my gorgeous friend was utterly gobsmacked yesterday when her wonderful partner proposed to her but we did have a giggle as she sent me this message late last night. You have to understand being in the wedding and events industry there are a lot of jokes that fly around so got this great message via Whatsapp that made me spit out my wine!

´Hi there, I´ve recently got engaged and now I am looking for wedding venues and suppliers.  Could you please send me lots of options and prices so I can call them myself.  Thanks but won´t be needing a DJ, photographer or decorations as my friends will be doing that.  My mother will also be looking after the flowers.  Looking forward to receiving your quote´

So funny, love her to bits and am so happy for them, hoping for a winter wedding as we are all so bonkers here in the summer season so here is a little inspiration I fell in love with today on Style me Pretty to try to talk them into a festive affair!

I had to share this with you from Style me Pretty as it is just a beautiful wedding and you can see all the images here.

What is there not to love about a winter wedding and we were chatting the other day about how beautiful the photos would be in the old town of Marbella now with all the Christmas lights and decorations!

Wishing you all a fabulous day tomorrow, I think Santa is arriving here shortly so off to bed, have a wonderful time.


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