2019 Wedding Trends in Spain

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Here at Reviva Weddings we are super excited to be entering 2019 and finishing the planning of many of our gorgeous weddings this year.

We are also still getting lots of enquiries which is amazing, but with only a few dates left we are now turning weddings down which is a shame, but we do always recommend other planners we know and work with.

2020 is also really busy so if you are considering a wedding in Spain I would recommend you start planning as soon as you can.

Every year I watch the trends, it is important to me as design and styling plays a big part in what we do and with my interior design background, I love nothing better than putting the finishing touches to our weddings.

I thought it would be a lovely idea to share my predictions and a few of the wedding trends we are seeing for our 2019 weddings.

We have so moved on now from rustic, blackboards, hessian and olive sprigs in mason jars to much more stylish and elegant decor.

Long tables, these started to appear into our weddings quite a few years ago but took wedding world by storm in 2018 and this will continue into 2019 weddings. Remembering back I think Deborah and Peter Stringer were one of the first weddings we used longer tables and that was in 2015. Longer tables are so lovely to dress and you can create quite an impact with florals and plenty of candles. I do also love the glassware shimmering along the tables in lines.

Glassware on the tables is also another big wedding trend, moving away from the conventional plain glassware to coloured or cut glasses with gold or silver details. The key now is on the details, clients are looking for a more luxurious look and glassware, plates and cutlery is becoming very on trend to create a beautiful tablescape with the wow factor.

Beautiful napkins and calligraphy style place cards to compliment the table settings are still very much on trend for 2019.

Beautifully soft silk ribbons made a debut in 2018, tied to bouquets or used to dress napkins on the tables and died using natural methods to create some wonderful pastel hues. This gorgeous image is from Silk & Willow.

Wedding colours have moved away from the blush and golds, although still very on trend these colours are being combined with slightly stronger colours such as deep blues, dark greens and a darker coral. Much more moody colours are now a fashion and you will also see this reflected in photographers styles as they embrace amber tones.

Wedding signs are on their way out now, they were such a trend for quite a few years but now our clients are paring this down and concentrating on creating more stylish settings. Maybe a welcome sign but then using different styles for the other areas, light up signs for bars, neon signs are also now very popular.

This sign is available to hire from Lemonface Deco.

Guest seating plans are taking on a different style, gone are the large frames with cards stuck to them and in now are much more creative ideas, using different mediums to create their table seating plans such as wine bottles, frames and props.

Whilst food trucks were seemingly taking off in 2018 they are difficult to manage for a wedding, they are much better suited to a festival so this really never worked but catering styles have changed.

Food platters are the new catering for 2019 weddings with cheese platters, canapes platters, dessert platters.

These are basically food laid out in a pretty way for guests to pick at so here in Spain we are seeing more tapas platter styles as starters but still serving a plated main course and then followed by a beautifully styled dessert table.

Really catering depends on how formal or informal you want it to be and how many guests you will be serving as realistically platter or buffet style does not work for weddings over 60 guests.

Bars and styled drinks stations are big now, Gin and Tonic bars, Tequila bars and cocktail bars, these are great fun, hugely on trend, and worth spending a bit of time just styling them up with letter light boxes and boards instead of signs.

Entertainment, this is now key in weddings, really think about your music, we have had a lot of fun these past few months putting together entertainment schedules and bringing in surprise elements from percussionists to drummers, flamenco shows, fire jugglers and dancers, this will always get a party into full swing!

This is what I say to all my clients, you cannot have a wedding without the following.

  1. The ceremony, think about this and if you need help swing over to my dear friend Natasha Johnson´s blog, Engaged and Ready, so many wonderful ideas and advice about hosting your ceremony. If you are hosting a Jewish wedding another fabulous friend of mine Karen runs the Smashing the Glass Blog with many wonderful ideas for a Jewish ceremony. If you are hosting an Irish catholic wedding then contact me to find out more about how to do this in Spain, we have planned so many beautiful Irish weddings here in Spain.
  2. Food and drink, no wedding is complete without the food and drink and if you are hosting a destination wedding really it is key to host an open bar to thank your guests for travelling to join you.
  3. Music and entertainment, no party can function without some music and dancing.

These are your 3 key areas to host a wedding, after this the next level of suppliers you need to think about are.

  1. Photographer
  2. Hair and Makeup
  3. Lighting, dancefloor and staging

These are not crucial to a wedding but nice if you can have them and pretty standard when booking a wedding these days, when I got married I did not even think to have hair and make up done or a photographer but times have changed! I do recall I had a friend do my hair and my mother booked a photographer for formal shots, rather glad they were not there for the whole party!!

Then when you have your wedding budget left after organising these key elements you can see what you have left for decor, florals, lighting, cake and maybe a videographer.

Be conscious of your wedding budget and do stick to it, this is the best way of working it down the line to what is compulsory to what isn´t in order to host a wedding. Some clients have a generous budget and we can do everything but others are creating their beautiful day on a budget, so I hope these tips help.

I will sign off this post with one last point, be thoughtful about the environment, try to host a wedding that is as eco friendly as you can be.

How we do this with our weddings are the following and you can use these as tips.

  1. Eco friendly confetti, fresh or dried petals. No silk or plastic petals, they will not biodegrade.
  2. No rice as this is a killer for birds, if you have to throw something throw bird seed.
  3. Choose Eco friendly caterers, that recycle all the glassware and plastic from your wedding.
  4. Do edible favours
  5. Use Eco friendly candles
  6. Don´t use sky lanterns or balloons unless you can dispose of them afterwards properly
  7. Don´t use helium
  8. Use biodegradable paper for your invitations and wedding paper goods
  9. Ask your florist to not use foam and see if you can have your flowers donated after your wedding to hospices or hospitals.

I hope this helps anyone planning their wedding journey, we are here to help, not just our clients, but if you wanted to run something past me about hosting a wedding in Spain or just in general, then please do, we are always delighted to chat and if there is anything I do not know about weddings then I would be very surprised!

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