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Well, what a week it has been since the WHO announced we had a pandemic and Spain declared a state of emergency followed by what was a very rapid lock down due to the Corona Virus.

I thought I would come on and write a little blog post about the current situation here in Spain and how we are getting on.

I can’t say it has been easy, I decided to take my daughter out of school before they announced they were closing them, then the panic set in and heightened last weekend.

Everyone was out panic buying, shops were insane, we flew out Saturday to join in the panic buying and managed to get enough for a week. This was the last time I went out.

I have cried, been terrified, watched our freedom of movement be taken away and been overwhelmed with social media. We are all human.

So a few days later, we all began to gradually accept the social situation and its new rules to help our world heal. The panic buying stopped as everyone realised there was no need for it, the shops filled back up and everyone is now self isolating at home.

Travel is severely restricted, beaches, parks, shopping centres, restaurants and hotels are now closed.

A sense of calm finally descended and, of course, being in Spain a sense of camaraderie then took over and replaced the fear. I have seen so many wonderful videos this week of the Spaniards, and everyone who lives in this country, cheering our health services, the police and coming up with some very creative ways of being sociable and so many positive vibes. This Saturday at 8pm everyone has to go to their balconies and raise a drink to each other. I am not sure I can see anyone from my garden but will join in! I love Spain and am very grateful to be able to live here.

So how are we getting on here in wedding world. We are all being very proactive, we are holding online video conferences and all working together to move forwards in the best way we can to help our clients and our industry.

Most of us are friends, we have a wedding planners group on Facebook with over 20 wedding planners in there who just cover the Marbella, Malaga area.

I would like our clients, not just mine, to be reassured that when the world becomes a safer place again and life returns to normal we will all be here, but in the meantime here are just some of our plans.

All the weddings that are being postponed at the moment to later this year or early next year are currently done or being planned. The venues, caterers and all the suppliers are being as accommodating as possible in moving across to the new dates as long as they are available. This currently applies to, obviously, April and May weddings.

For the June weddings we are asking clients to wait until the end of April to make a decision, things are changing so rapidly each day and we totally understand how hard it is to make these decisions, so it is best to wait until we can see where the land lies over the next few weeks.

Our later in the year weddings we are optimistic they will be fine, we can only go on what has happened previously for example in China where the virus has completely slowed down. We are about three months behind this and the medical industry is also working hard to come up with a vaccine and treatments.

Currently we are heading to a peak with this Corona virus and soon we understand this will slow down, but we do acknowledge many countries are now a few weeks behind us such as the UK and the States so the impact of people travelling from these countries will be delayed further into early summer.

We have also now put into action a support network so if one of the wedding planners here does become ill, others will take over. I do think this is very reassuring for all our clients to know what we are doing in the background to look after our industry during such a tough time.

In order to keep the wedding industry buoyant over the next three months, so we can all be here later in the season, we have all agreed we will ask our clients to continue to make payments due as per their contracts.

Some suppliers will change their payment schedules so you pay less now than orginally agreed and the balances nearer to your new wedding date.

What is key now is to keep everyone going and rest assured we are all working very hard to help our clients providing the extra work and support they will need to host their weddings on different dates.

Finally if you are considering hosting your wedding in Spain in 2021, then I can recommend you get in touch soon. Moving the postponed 2020 weddings to next year means 2021 is already filling up rapidly, in what, is a very unusual situation.

I will keep posting our updates but for now I wish you all to be safe, do take heed of what your country is asking you to and the sooner we can make the world a safer place again the better.

I am here if anyone has questions, you do not need to be a client if you wish to have a chat with me.

Laura x

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