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My Thoughts on Pippa’s No Ring, No Bring Policy

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Here at Reviva we are watching this latest media storm with interest as this is our business!

I am sure everyone is aware this week of Pippa Middleton’s No Ring, No Bring policy, which has sent the media into a frenzy as they debate the real reason behind this decision for their wedding on the 20th May.


All the wagging fingers are pointing to the assumption Pippa does not want Harry’s girlfriend, Meghan Markle, upstaging her on her special day as she marries James Matthews, therefore, has put this policy into place to supposedly discreetly stop the actress from attending.

Pippa is now branded the Bridezilla of 2017, BUT, and here is a big BUT, why should she have fairly new partners of friends and relatives at her wedding?

It is not a case of being upstaged as she already has the most stunning, famous sister in the world attending her wedding along with her adorable family.

It is a high society wedding and there is always a protocol involved, the guest list, in this circumstance, has to be managed much more carefully.


With society weddings there are guests that have to be invited, we are currently managing a guest list with your Highnesses and Excellencies, they are invited as it is the done thing to do in certain circles whether it be business or social etiquette.

Whilst this is not a Royal wedding it is a high society wedding with Royal guests, it is going to be well documented.   As with any society wedding with Royalty attending they do not want photographs of high profile guests with current partners who may or may not run the course.

If we go back a few decades to when Prince Charles was a young, free single man with many admirers, we did not see him bring the latest squeeze to any hi profile events.   A partner was not introduced into the equation until he was officially engaged to be married.

It really is as simple as this and it would not be a decision made by Pippa, it would have been considered by the Royal household along with the Middleton family to avoid this situation.  For the press to turn this into another circus ground, is of course what they are good at, but Pippa’s wedding will have been well and truly vetted, given her close proximity to the Royal family and this is not her decision.

This brings me to the subject of inviting plus ones to weddings, many times, too often to count,  I have received our clients guests lists,  looked in horror as I read Bob plus one with no name, or even worse, a question mark?????

When I address this with our couples they tell me they are just trying to find out his or hers name and if they are still dating.

They are inviting people to their weddings as a plus one without even knowing their names, let alone who they are?!   Many couples are working to a budget and it always makes me cringe when they are inviting someone they don’t know, perhaps have never met or only met on a few occasions because their friend has fallen head over heels in love on a recent Tinder date!  Yet they have booted dear Auntie Sally off the guest list to keep numbers down?!

They have probably already had debates about which family members, cousins, etc to leave out but are expected to accommodate the anonymous plus one latest muse and are paying for them to attend their wedding.

This to me never makes sense and why are they doing this, I never really know but I am guessing it makes Bob happy?  Or in this case a Harry!

We have even, to my utter horror, had to create table seating plans which say plus one, given the catering teams menu choices with plus one and written out place cards with a plus one!

The situation with Pippa’s wedding is the plain fact she is she cannot have partners of high profile guests who may not be around in a years time attending as they will be in the photographs.  I doubt she has ever met Meghan Markle Sparkle either but that is beside the point!


Let’s be brutally honest, the arrival of Meghan has not been met with open arms by the general public, her relationship with Harry has had controversy surrounding it so why bring this also to the wedding, although I understand an engagement is imminent so I watch this space with interest.

This also opens the debate as to whether long terms couples who have not committed to the ring, would be able to attend or not.  In these situations, it is discretion, if they have been together longer than most marriages and are known to the couple, then of course they should be invited.  I am amazed I have even seen this bought to the table for discussion.

Megan is the plus one, we all know her name so thankfully don’t have to put her on the guest list as a plus one, and I doubt Pippa and James have met her.   There are far better social events for her to be introduced to the circle but not at Pippa and James’s wedding.

I personally cannot wait to see what their wedding will look like and how it is styled especially as they are party planners.

I would welcome your thoughts about this subject, it is an interesting one and a dilemma I find most of our couples in during their wedding planning but when it is being overseen by the Royal Household it is a completely different matter and I do think Pippa needs a break!


Exotic Wedding Planning Conference

October 23rd, 2016 Posted by About me, Celebrity Weddings, City Weddings in Spain, Destination Weddings, Fairy godmother of weddings, Getting Married in Spain, Life in Spain, Luxury Weddings in Marbella, Luxury Weddings in Spain, Planning a Destination Wedding, Reviva Weddings Exclusive Weddings, Running a business in Spain, Wedding Planners Spain, Weddings in Spain 0 thoughts on “Exotic Wedding Planning Conference”

I always love a trip to Barcelona and in a few weeks we will be heading up to this wonderful city again,  having been interviewed and selected by the Exotic Wedding Planning Conference to be one of their 12 Key Speakers and Jury Members, how exciting is that!

Reviva will be involved and playing a key role in a big event with over 100 wedding planners attending from all over the world along with hotels, designers, luxury brands, chefs and other wedding providers showcasing one of the largest conferences in the wedding industry. (more…)

Dramatic Spanish Style For Weddings

March 27th, 2012 Posted by About Us, Celebrity Weddings, My Inspirations, spanish wedding themes, Vintage Style, Wedding Trends for 2012 0 thoughts on “Dramatic Spanish Style For Weddings”
As many of our clients wish to incorporate an element of Spain into their weddings here, we are constantly looking for Spanish style inspirations to add touches of Spain’s wonderful and dramatic culture into our weddings and parties. 
We love this fabulous shoot featured on Wedluxe using a stunning combination of black lace, red roses and golds, it reminds me of the beautiful churches we have here adorned with gold candelabras and candles. 
We have been working very hard here this winter and many of our weddings coming up this year have some beautifully designed styling and details. 
We have one in Sevilla that is going to be stunning and we will feature sneak peeks as we build up to the big day, our gorgeous vintage fan invitations are winging their way to London as I type 🙂 
We have a Sevillian orange rustic style wedding, fabulous vintage style lace weddings and the rest of our designs are currently well kept secrets as we reveal some stunning new ideas throughout 2012!

Metallic Wedding Cakes by SweetThings ByFi

January 29th, 2012 Posted by Celebrity Weddings, Delightful details, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Suppliers on the Costa Del Sol, Wedding Trends for 2012 0 thoughts on “Metallic Wedding Cakes by SweetThings ByFi”
We are delighted to welcome SweetThings ByFi to our blog to talk to us about the latest 2012 metallic wedding cake trends. 
Just like Wedding Trends, wedding cake designs are constantly changing.
Designs are heavily influenced by the fashion catwalk, wedding blogs and wedding magazines. Throughout 2011 there were many high profiled weddings, including the Royal weddings in the UK and Monaco, Supermodel Kate Moss, Pop singer Lily Allen and let’s not forget Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in the US. As a result, this has seen an increase in ornate piping and sugar flowers being incorporated into cake designs.
For many brides, 2012 is marking the end of the vintage trend and the beginning of glamorous decor with jewels and sparkles being incorporated into the cake designs, this is resulting in the rise of the ‘Couture’ style wedding cake.
This style of cake makes a strong statement by incorporating accents of the bride’s wedding dress, headpiece or jewellery. Our friends in the US have taken this one step further by introducing metallic wedding cakes which is taking the wedding world by storm for 2012.
We are seeing the use of shimmering tones of silver and gold’s combined with warm pastel or vibrant jewel colours.
When working with Reviva weddings, Laura and I often spend countless hours discussing the wedding designs we are working on together, and both of us are hugely excited about this trend and cannot wait for this to take off here in Spain!
Of course, it is imperative to ensure that your wedding cake design flows with the style or theme of your wedding not just the current wedding trends. For example, if you are getting married here in Spain and want a Spanish themed wedding, then perhaps you feel that a sparkling jewelled cake would not be suitable for your wedding. Thats ok! Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, so it is vital that your cake design is perfect for your personal taste! Try decorative lacework and textured ruffles with accents of Spanish warm colours or flowers, what is important is that your wedding cake designer designs a cake that is classic and timeless for you.

At Sweet Things, our fashion concious brides are becoming more involved in the design process to create their perfect wedding day, this is resulting in some amazing wedding cake designs which we cannot wait to create!
But for now, here are some of our favourite metallic wedding cakes!
Design Sources from Pinterest and Martha Stewart

Reviva Weddings one of the World´s Best Wedding Planners and Designers

November 17th, 2011 Posted by About me, Celebrity Weddings, Running a business in Spain 0 thoughts on “Reviva Weddings one of the World´s Best Wedding Planners and Designers”

What can I say:) I have earnt the title as the Fairy Godmother of Weddings but we are truly honoured today to be now recognised as one of the top Wedding Planners and Designers in the World by Junebug Weddings!

I started Reviva Weddings in 2007 and despite the recession, we have gone from strength to strength, but of course this has not been without my passion and dedication to truly believing that what we create is brilliant, we offer a second to none 5 star wedding planning and design service to our clients and we are fabulous at what we do.

I am lucky, my journey of dragging Spain into the world of stylish weddings has meant that
I have met and developed an amazing team of hugely creative, organised and enthusiastic individuals who all support me 100% and live, eat and dream about weddings.

Without this fabulous bunch of girls I could not offer the services that create our stunning weddings. I have to reel off Loraine our floral designer, Carla my wedding planner extraordinaire and Anoulka, my right hand wedding chick who was Kylie´s dancer and now my assistant and stationery designer. All these women are wonderful and have completely transformed my life as I hope I have done theirs, well I know I keep them busy!

We are all fabulous at what we do and we giggle about the fact that
Reviva Chicks Rock Weddings!

Our design is stylish, up to date, trend setting and creative, our planning services are difficult to beat, we are with our clients every step of the way and our dedication and complete devotion to our clients weddings is hard to match.

Due to our popularity and professional qualities we now move further afield and have organised weddings in Barcelona, Madrid and are now covering Europe and beyond. Our team will move to your location whether it be Italy, France or beyond.

Can you imagine our delight to be now listed on the fabulous Junebug Weddings within their World´s best celebrity wedding planner and designer section, we had to undergo strict tests to be accepted and are delighted to share this wonderful news with you.

We will continue to update you on our progress this winter as we are attending some amazing courses which we will also share with you, developing many contacts, ideas and more wedding decorations, including our new prop hire services.