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A Wedding Planners Winter, what do we get up to!

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I often wonder where the busy summer months go and of course in the winter we do slow down, but ever so slightly as there is always so much to catch up on.

So what do wedding planners get up to in the winter!

I thought it would be a nice idea to write a little blog post about what we have been up to and give our readers a little insight into our lives.


A Thoughtful Day

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It is not often I post about things like this but I do feel after the past few months that I need to sound my voice on a subject I had not really experienced before but wish to share it with you.

Our jobs, as wedding planners, means we meet people from all walks of life, some very wealthy in terms of life and money, others planning delightful weddings on a budget and sadly I have done weddings for terminally ill people. (more…)

50 Shades of Pink Charity Fundraising Night for Positively Pink

February 7th, 2013 Posted by About Us, Charity Evenings, Delightful details, Parties in Marbella, Party Decorations Marbella 0 thoughts on “50 Shades of Pink Charity Fundraising Night for Positively Pink”
Recently we were approached and asked if we would like to decorate and support Costa Women´s 50 Shades of Pink Charity Fundraising Night in aid of Positively Pink.

Positively Pink is a charity based on the Costa Del Sol raising money for the improvement and enhancement of medical treatment and provides a FREE screening programme for British Women living within the Malaga Province.  

Costa Women are a social and business networking community for women living, working and dreaming Spain.  They are amazingly fun and well worth joining if you wish to find out more about likewise fabulous women living and working in Spain.

Well what can I say apart from I was so pleased I said yes!

I have met and networked with an entertaining, lively and fun group of girls, we all worked very hard and had many laughs whilst planning this event and the whole experience has been fantastic.

I was thrilled to be voted the Favourite Sponsor of this event but it was probably only because of me bribing everyone to like me in exchange for chocolate that we won, but who can resist an offer like that?!   Moi competitive? Of course not!

So off we trotted in the morning with our twinkling lights, sparkly paper flowers, gorgeous pink tassel garlands, cake stands, funfetti, pink throws, bows – you name it, we took it and waved our magic wand over this event and we were thrilled with the final result.

We are delighted we can share some of Agata Jensen´s fabulous photos of the evening with you, we love them and are thrilled to have our hard work documented in such gorgeous images 🙂

It was a hugely successful evening supported by many fantastic sponsors, I was amazed at the generosity and support offered by so many of Marbella´s businesses.

All the guests looked fabulous and dazzled in many shades of pink!

There were lots of lovely surprises too ranging from naked men, a wonderful cocktail competition, fashion shows, cupcakes from Fi (which I managed of course to steal), mini champagnes (which I did not manage to steal!) and some wonderful sponsors selling sparkly things and donating proceeds to Positively Pink.

I managed to bribe Rob, one of our fab wedding DJ´s to come along and get the girls dancing and he even wore pink, brave man indeed!

The PR and marketing team behind this were brilliant, creating websites, organising printed banners, leaflets, cocktail competition cards, Facebook page, in fact the list is endless.

 All the hard work and effort everyone put into making this event a success was phenomenal and all the organisers, sponsors and suppliers can be found on the Costa Women´s 50 Shades of Pink Event Facebook page.

We are thrilled to hear over 1000 euros was raised just in this one evening.

We would like to thank Agata Jensen Photography for allowing us to share their fabulous photos of this event.

We don´t just design and style weddings, we wave our magic wands over parties and events too so if you are hosting a special occasion and would like us to wave our wands do contact us.