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Let’s talk Bar Carts!

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Since March 2020, it has been a strange time and affected people in so many ways, which I acknowledge in this post, hasn’t been easy for many.

I always focus on the positive and know I am privileged to live in a safe, comfortable home, I count my blessings every morning.

There has been such initiative during the past few months and I have loved watching what people do to pass the time at home, gardening, decorating, cooking, reading, finding new skills and being creative.


Wedding Speech Bingo

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One of the things I love most about our weddings are the speeches. I have listened to some amazing ones during my 12 years of wedding planning.  Some are hilariously funny and others really thought-provoking and tear-jerking.

Your wedding speeches are one of the highlights during your wedding day, they connect your guests as they listen to stories, they gain more of an insight into your lives with your family and close friends and it makes them happy they are celebrating your special day with you. Speeches do bring a closeness and warm fuzzy feeling into the dynamics of a wedding day.  (more…)

Spanish Drinks for Weddings

October 23rd, 2018 Posted by About me, Autumn Style, Autumn Wedding Ideas, Castle weddings in Spain, Caterers, Catering for Weddings, Christmas in Spain, City Weddings in Spain, Cocktails for Weddings, Cool Wedding Ideas, Cultural Weddings in Spain, Delightful details, Destination Weddings, Elegant Weddings in Spain, Fairy Godmother of the Costa Del Sol, Fairy godmother of weddings, Fun Stuff, Getting Married in Marbella, Getting Married in Spain, Gin Bars for Weddings, Gin Palaces for Weddings, Helpful Hints for Weddings, I Love, Ideas for Weddings, Instagram Love, Luxury Weddings in Marbella, Luxury Weddings in Spain, Marbella Weddings, My life, New Products, Planning a Destination Wedding, Spanish Drinks for Weddings, Spanish food, spanish wedding themes, Spanish Weddings, Weddings in Andalucia, Weddings in Seville, Weddings in Spain 0 thoughts on “Spanish Drinks for Weddings”

I always love theming up our weddings, not just the decor, but the food and drinks.

Coming from a family that celebrates any event going, yes even Eurovision themed nights, it is no wonder I have always loved hosting parties and my job is creating weddings and celebrations. It is deep rooted!

My gorgeous sister is also the proud author of her latest book, the Rose Cocktail book which you can buy on Amazon, and it is full of delicious Rose drinks and cocktails. Her book was a big seller this summer with over 10,000 copies sold since its publication in May 2018.


Extraordinary Cakes from Ivenoven

July 1st, 2017 Posted by About me, About Us, Cool Wedding Ideas, Delightful details, desert tables, Extraordinary Inspirations, Fabulous Finds, Fun Stuff, I Love, Ideas for Weddings, Instagram Love, Lifestyle photography, My Inspirations, New Products, People we love, Styling Weddings, Sweet and treat tables for weddings, Trends for 2018, Unusual Ideas, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Crafting, Wedding Decorations, Wedding Trends for 2017 1 thought on “Extraordinary Cakes from Ivenoven”

As my business is weddings and styling, plus a background in interiors and design, I constantly watch trends emerging.  I am pretty good at predicting them and love watching talents emerge that really stand out from the crowds so had to share this amazing cake designer with you.

I found Ivenoven on Instagram and was immediately wowed by her amazing creativity and skills.

Her website is simple but really she does not need much else as her cakes speak for themselves, they are quite simply works of art. (more…)

Latest Trend, Coloured Smoke Bombs for Weddings

October 9th, 2016 Posted by Accessories for your Wedding, Cool Wedding Ideas, Delightful details, Fabulous Finds, Festive Fun, Fun Stuff, Getting Married in Marbella, Getting Married in Spain, I Love, Ideas for Weddings, Inspirations, New Products, Pink, Retro Style Weddings, Romantic Ideas, Styling Weddings in Spain, Unusual Ideas for Weddings, Wedding props Marbella, Wedding trends for 2016, Wedding Trends for 2017 0 thoughts on “Latest Trend, Coloured Smoke Bombs for Weddings”

We are in love with this latest trend of 2016 that we will see a lot more for 2017 weddings, don’t they just make for fabulous photos!!

They cast a billowing coloured smoke which lasts apparently for about 5 minutes, enough time to get some great atmospheric photos.


Laughter at La Cabane, Los Monteros Hotel

February 8th, 2015 Posted by Churches in Marbella, Fun Stuff, Getting Married in Spain, La Cabane Los Monteros, Our Weddings, Wedding Photographers in Spain, Wedding venues in Marbella 0 thoughts on “Laughter at La Cabane, Los Monteros Hotel”

Here we are still sharing our fabulous weddings from 2014 with you as we chase the photos in!

I don’t think I have ever seen so many photos from one wedding so full of smiles and laughter throughout the entire day 🙂  

When we first met Suzie and Barry we knew their wedding day would be one big party, they were such a sociable, warm and pleasant couple and their parents were all great friends so we could see this was going to be a fabulously fun filled day with a family that loved life and loved celebrating!

Suzie and Barry held their wedding ceremony at the Encarnacion church then transported their guests to the stunning La Cabane Beach Club at Los Monteros hotel for a fabulous wedding reception.

The evening started off with Masquerade, during the dinner, making sure it was going to be a lively evening and they had an amazing fireworks display followed by dancing into the early hours of the morning.

The next day the festivities continued on the beach offering plenty of hangover food and drinks along with some more wonderful entertainment including the Brazilian drummers and dancers.

Our congratulations to Suzie and Barry and our thanks to all the wonderful suppliers involved in creating such a fun filled few days.  

Photos courtesy of David Toms.

Alternative Ideas for Wedding Message Books, Personalised Caricatures

November 15th, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, Fun Stuff, Guest Book ideas, Our Weddings, Unusual Ideas 0 thoughts on “Alternative Ideas for Wedding Message Books, Personalised Caricatures”

Finally on the 10.11.12 we finished our season of wonderful weddings for 2012 and thought it would be a lovely idea, over the next few months, to share some of our new products we created for our clients in 2012.
We hope to inspire you with ideas and to share with you the amazing array of delightful details you can have to personal your wedding day.
Our personalised caricatures this year were a big hit and here are a few of our couples beautifully portrayed as cartoons 🙂  We loved them and they were definitely a fun and alternative idea to wedding guest books. 
All our couples that booked this were delighted with the results and there were many fun squeals of delight when they saw their caricatures!
All we need to create these are some photos of the happy couple, either together or individually, that we then send to our hugely talented man that can based in the UK.
Literally a day later we get back these wonderful caricatures, in a high resolution, that we then send to be printed onto a A3 or A2 print.
Once the prints are back we create a mount to surround them with enough room for the guests to leave useful, happy or drunk messages on 🙂 
It is a wonderful and fun keepsake that you can take home and frame. 
Much more visible than a satin guest book that will gather dust in a cupboard.
Our caricatures are perfect as well for destination weddings where getting anything onto a plane now requires the skill of fitting a king size duvet into a matchbox to weigh less than 0.2 kilos :)!
If you would like a caricature created for your wedding day please do contact us or hop onto our facebook page and leave us a message 🙂

Cupid Strikes at Weddings

October 9th, 2012 Posted by Children's parties, Children's parties in Marbella, Delightful details, Fun Stuff, My Inspirations 0 thoughts on “Cupid Strikes at Weddings”
As a wedding stylist and owner of a wedding planning company, I am among the thousands of stylists and bloggers that are constantly searching for new ideas and inspirations trawling through many images most evenings looking for that elusive photo that makes me sit up straight and inspires me with new ideas!
Often, and I am sure most bloggers and stylists would agree with me, we stumble upon them purely by accident, hitting a link that sends us to another blog or website and there it is! 
Last night I fell onto one blog which led me tonight to the Wedding Style File and I love their Beau and Arrow blog post with over 50 ideas to incorporate the Cupid´s arrow into your wedding design, how cute is this idea arrow flower girl idea.
Here are just a few of the fabulous images on this post and to see the whole post do hop over and have a visit at the Wedding Style File
I think to go the whole hog with an arrow theme might be a bit much unless you are going to do Cowboys and Indians and have your reception in a teepee tent which I am sure has been done but the idea of a cupid arrow I think is rather sweet, after all that is what most of us drew as kids on pieces of paper when we thought we were in love with the boy in the next class!
Incorporating the feathers associated with bows and arrows as well is a lovely idea just to bring in some elements of the cupid arrow and we love this cake with gold feathers, I like the fact it is random and not too styled.
These cupid arrow Mr and Mrs signs are rather ingenious we think and we love the tassel fringing effect, another very Cowboy and Indian element to pull into this design.
Small details like these arrow head food picks all add to the cute cupid theme.
And we love this idea for a table seating plan hung on large arrows, in fact now I am wishing we had a Cowboy and Indian party to create as there are so many ideas and fun things you could do!  I can imagine for a child´s party I would be overflowing with ideas!
For many more images of the arrow theme do pop over to The Wedding Style File, I am sure I will find many more lovely ideas on this blog as well over the next few months.

Stylish Ideas for Favours and Weddings in Spain

July 21st, 2012 Posted by About Us, Alice in Wonderland themes, Delightful details, Favours for Weddings, Fun Stuff, spanish wedding themes, Unusual Ideas, Wedding Decorations, Wedding Planning service 0 thoughts on “Stylish Ideas for Favours and Weddings in Spain”
Here at Reviva HQ we have been very busy over the past few months and have created so many new and lovely ideas for our weddings we wanted to start to share these with you as they were such fun and perhaps an idea for you to easily create at your wedding to bring that extra dimension and a bit of fun to the celebrations.
We have and still do candy bars, we just get better everytime, and of course are still famous for our twinkly lights and candles but this year we have had a lot of fun creating very different ideas for our weddings.
Our olive bars have been a huge hit, just buy some large loaves, cut the top off and scoop out, fill with olives, placed on some cut off tree slabs with some gorgeous signs and wooden spoons and treat your guests to an olive bar 🙂  You can give out olive oil and olive favours too to share the Andalucian flavours with your guests!

We now hire out gorgeous lemonade dispensers should you wish to create a fresh lemonade bar, or indeed a pimms bar or a fresh juice bar, complete with paper straws and our very retro glassware this is a refreshing welcome for any hot wedding guest as you welcome them to your ceremony. 
We do stock paper straws and many other gorgeous party items at our shop in Elviria.
Our dressing up boxes have been a huge hit, whether you are having a photo booth or not it is amazing what a glittery hat and large sunglasses can do to your grandfather :)!
We supply dressing up boxes for weddings in vintage style cases full of stupid and fun dressing up things to bring out the child in every guest, we have endless photos of our weddings revisiting their youth :)!
Dancing shoes baskets, we started last year and they continue to be a welcome hit this year for sore feet, supply a basket of flip flops for your guests and they will love you forever. 
I dread to think how many times I have seen guests wobble out the church clutching their gorgeous shoes in their hands.
I think it is due to the heat here and whilst the shoes may feel fine in the UK or Ireland, the heat in Spain makes many peoples feet swell. 
The sight of a dancing shoe basket I think for many of these women I witness must be a godsend!
Our very popular spanish fans are still a must at every ceremony, we can provide plain or decorated fans to match your style of wedding and again are a godsend and a useful accessory for any wedding in Spain.  My advice is give them out at the ceremony and do not keep them for the reception 🙂
For our September weddings we have even more fabulous props and ideas, including fairground attractions, Alice in Wonderland style games, in fact we cannot wait to share all these with you.
Lawn croquet, coconut shies, candy floss, signage and dressing up boxes are all available now to hire from us to make sure your wedding turns into a party that your guests will love and remember.
Add a fun element to your wedding whether it be maracas and castanets to get your guests into the flamenco mood, or perhaps a more elegant foodie experience of hosting an olive bar, lemonade bar or a themed candy bar which again can double up as favours for your guests to take home or just have some serious fun with games, dressing up and chilling in one of our gorgeous Moroccan styled chill outs.
Images courtesy of Jeremy Standley, the famous sweet hogger (be warned if you have a candy bar) Anna Gazda who never looks like she has eaten a sweet in her life but has bought me some lethal vodka!