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Sparkly Autumnal Inspirations

October 13th, 2013 Posted by About me, Autumn Style, Autumn Wedding Ideas, Halloween Parties, Halloween table settings, My Inspirations 0 thoughts on “Sparkly Autumnal Inspirations”

I love October, partly because it is my birthday month and I have a good excuse to eat cakes and also because I take great delight in glitter and October is the month I have a good excuse to start decorating my house for the winter.

I have just had my house repainted this week, my walls and house are all super white, clean and ready for the festive season so I am looking for some inspirations for winter decorations.

With Halloween just around the corner, I am not a huge fan of the ghoulish, macabre look with green hair, blood and gore, but do love a bit of sparkle. 

My spooky efforts are pumpkin fairy lights hung over my mirrors along with some cute Halloween snow/gitter shakers and some rather lovely ceramic candle holders in the form of pumpkins and ghosts, from Whittards, which I have had now for years 🙂

On my quest for pretty yet spooky things, I had to share these gold gilded pumpkins with you, aren´t they just gorgeous, I love them and they would be fabulous for an October wedding.  

I would love to take this home to use as a decoration in my own home if I was presented with this at a wedding or party.

To see the DIY tutorial as to how to make these do pop over to Cupcakes and Cashmere.  A new Facebook page I found today and well worth having a look over for some wonderful crafty, creative ideas 🙂

An Alternative Pretty White Halloween

October 27th, 2012 Posted by About me, Delightful details, Halloween in Marbella, Halloween Parties, Halloween table settings, Table Settings, Wedding Trends for 2013 0 thoughts on “An Alternative Pretty White Halloween”

After the wonderfully staged and ghoulish Strictly came on tonight, there was much excitement eminating from Twinks, not only practising her fantastic and rather worrying Shakira dance moves but also a hugely animated excitement about Halloween.
So I finally succumbed to rummaging in my understairs cupboard and digging out our traditional spooky decorations which consist of:
 A Whittards ceramic orange pumpkin and a Whittards white ghost tealight holder
My pumpkin fairy lights and our purple and black hanging bat garland
All very tasteful of course and just enough to add a bit of spookiness to the house for the Halloween week! 
I did see some rather lovely glittery yet spooky door signs in Dunnes this week, but refrained already knowing my bill on kitting Twinks out with a basic winter wardrobe was going to be quite high!
Trying to find a real pumpkin here in Spain takes a master class in driving around all the local supermarkets hoping to spot an object that resembles something round and orange.
I suppose this will be my mission on Monday, I may strike lucky at Supersol or El Campo, if not I am considering how a carved aubergine will fair?! 
It already has a ghost shape so this is my plan b!  In fact I could perhaps start a new trend of aubergine ghosts covered with gold glitter!
Tonight I have found some rather lovely white pumpkin images, I am sure they have another name as they are part of the squash family, but living in a country where we cannot easily find an orange pumpkin the chances of being able to find a white one is non existent!
But it is always so refreshing to see and share something different.  I found the first photo on pinterest a few weeks ago and love use of the white pumpkin as a ceiling pendant, although what practical use this has I have no idea but design does not have to always be practical!
Tonight on one of my current favourite blogs, Heart Handmade UK, they are sharing a gorgeous white pumpkin Halloween post which I could not resist sharing with you.
I love the use of the Liberty fabrics and gold teacups with the mint accents, definitely a popular colour combination for 2013 weddings and very fresh and pretty and what a lovely alternative to the orange and blacks that we are being bombarded with albeit I do love it!
So here is wishing you all a wonderful and spooky week and a Happy Halloween!

Halloween Party Inspiration in Marbella

October 7th, 2012 Posted by Children's parties, Halloween in Marbella, Halloween Parties, Halloween table settings, Parties in Marbella, Pary Decorations Marbella 0 thoughts on “Halloween Party Inspiration in Marbella”

I am not quite sure what happened in the past week but we have suddenly gone from summery weddings to spooky Halloween?! 
Perhaps it was the onset of rain at the end of September followed closely by the arrival of the 1st October and now everywhere I look there are witches, ghosts, vampires and cobwebs and this is just my rather neglected house!  Well not the witches, etc but certainly the cobwebs 🙂 
I love this time of year, wedding world finally calms down here and it is like the spring, all the suppliers and contractors here peek out their wedding nests where they have been holed up for the best part of six months and start to socialise again, chat about our summer and generally catch up with each other.  I think tweeting would be a good description of this actually without the twitter element it is very similiar as we all connect again!
October is an exciting month, for one it is my birthday which I always manage to extend to a 10 day event and of course we have Halloween 🙂 
I love decorating my house for Halloween, well any excuse to be honest to decorate, and am still in love with the glitter pumpkins so I fear I will be hoovering up lots of glitter again this year but would not be without it!
If you are planning a Halloween party do contact us, we have everything to make a spooky occasion even spookier, from black table linens and chair covers with orange or gold chair sashes, glittery pumpkins, fabulous lighting, spooky stationery ideas and trick and treat candy bars!

Happy Halloween!

October 29th, 2011 Posted by Delightful details, Halloween table settings, My Inspirations, Vampire Inspirations 0 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!”

Wishing our followers a Happy Halloween weekend and hope you all have a wonderful ghoulish, spooky time!
We thought we would share some lovely images found on
Pinterest with you!

Moroccan Style Pumpkins for Halloween

October 18th, 2011 Posted by About me, Halloween table settings, moroccan decorations, My Inspirations 0 thoughts on “Moroccan Style Pumpkins for Halloween”
As Halloween approaches I thought I would share this photo I found tonight on pinterest of decorated pumpkins Moroccan style, a style that is close to my heart as we use it a lot for our wedding styling.

I am sticking with glittery pumpkins but if any of you are feeling adventurous this idea looks amazing, however, I am sure if I created a pumpkin masterpiece like this I would not want to be turning it into pumpkin soup or pie!

Glamorous Glittery Pumpkins for Halloween!

October 16th, 2011 Posted by About me, Delightful details, Gothic Weddings, Halloween table settings, Vampire Inspirations 0 thoughts on “Glamorous Glittery Pumpkins for Halloween!”
Twig & Thistle

Found on Pinterest

As we approach that spooky time of year I cannot say I am a huge lover of all things spooky and ghoulish but these glittery pumpkins are much more up my street 🙂

A bit of glitter and glamour goes a long way in our house so this is
our Halloween project next week which I know will appeal hugely to Twinks and I love the fact that we can turn them into candle holders.

Slightly more appealing than screaming witches and ghouls don´t you think!

If any of our clients are planning a dark, spooky ghoulish night do remember we can supply dramatic black satin chair covers, orange sashes, black linens and of course glittery pumpkins!