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Post Christmas Decorating

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A comment from one of my lovely travel writer friends this Christmas holiday really made me sit up.

He said he was off to check out my blog for some Christmas inspiration and I was really surprised when he said my decor and ideas inspired him.  I did not realise I had an avid following searching for design and style tips! (more…)

Merry Christmas from Reviva!

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Here at Reviva, we are signing out now for a break during the Christmas holidays and a well earned rest from the inbox!

I should really do a gushy post about how fabulous 2017 has been, how wonderful 2018 is going to be, etc so here it is from the heart. (more…)

Our Wedding Colours for 2017 and it is not Pantone Green!

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Hi everyone and welcome to the New Year!  I hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year.

Here in Spain it is still a holiday with the 3 Kings tomorrow and one last weekend to relax and celebrate before all normality returns and the darling little kiddies go back to school, yay!!

I admit I switched off for a while from weddings as Christmas overtook me, which is always great as it allows me a bit of a breather and creative time.


Party in a Box From West Elm

December 14th, 2013 Posted by About me, Festive Fun, My Inspirations, New Year in Marbella, Party Designs 0 thoughts on “Party in a Box From West Elm”
Now I have my orange tree in my garden covered in fairy lights it looks like the Singing Ringing Tree, an East German fairytale that scared the life out of me when I was a child, but we are now looking very festive and sparkly!  Is it only me or does anyone else remember this short film?!

The trees they decorate at Picasso restaurant in Puerto Banus also remind me of this old fairytale particularly with the red apples and fairy lights!  I often sit there and expect them to start moving, shaking and ringing!

It is so lovely this time of year to have time to spend time with my youngest daughter. 

Today we went to a birthday party and it was magical to watch her having such a fun evening with her little friends.  They had their beautiful faces painted and ran around for hours squeaking with each other in their high pitched Spanish voices whilst enjoying a birthday tea party and lots of fun games.

Sometimes there are things thrown at you that are so completely out the box it is hard to comprehend, even when you have already had some fairly testing experiences which they call life, somewhere deep within the human resources as you are faced with even greater challenges it makes you focus and draw upon what is important, to try not be frightened by what you see and to continue to do what you love.

To make sure you take time to enjoy simple precious moments whether it be family, friends, focus on enjoying them and everything that makes you happy.  I did this today at the party, it is normally something I would dread but enjoyed every moment of the noisy mayhem today!

Whilst I know many people are now deep in the midst of Christmas parties I am personally preferring to have quieter times in my own beautiful home and enjoying taking time to refresh the brain, find new trends and look at beautiful things, gathering fresh ideas and getting inspired.  

This is what makes me happy and feel at peace and I am grateful that my design skills are able to transport me to a beautiful world and to look at things that make me smile and enable me to switch off and relax.

I really wish I had more time during the year to visit these fabulous websites as I am sure all my Christmas shopping would now be done instead of planning the next week frantically dashing around La Canada!  I have kind of put everything off this year, not sure why as it will still arrive but perhaps have not been in the mood as I face different challenges.

Anyone that knows me knows I love sparkle and any excuse for a party or to throw myself into festivities armed with my hugely organised check list, Santa list and everything is perfectly turned out for Christmas list, this year I have kind of waned I think to try to put the not so nice things off too but of course that won´t happen and I now have less than two weeks to get off my butt and get organised.

However tonight I am relaxing, looking for lovely things to inspire me and I am swooning over West Elm and love the idea of a Party in a Box.  Gorgeous entertaining essentials and aren´t they just such a fabulous idea to quickly bring some glamour into perhaps a New Year´s Eve soiree.

Whilst I love the muted silver blush collection, which is a hugely popular colour scheme for our 2014 weddings, the jewel collection is so much more me with the gold sequins!

Just loved these so had to share and be warned you could spend hours on this website 🙂   

There is a fabulous range of mercury glassware which sadly is not shipped to Europe and I also have my eye on some lamp bases and the snow globes, which I seem to have started collecting, are beautiful.

I hope sharing my finds sprinkles some sparkle into your festivities and brings a smile and a bit of glamour and hopefully some festive inspiration.