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Rustic Romance in the Hills of Andalucia

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When Ashleigh first got in touch with me from New York, she had already booked the Finca and church in preparation for their wedding in Spain.

The catering was also confirmed but Ashleigh had hit the proverbial ´wedding wall´as I like to call it.  Still required was all the furniture, glassware, linens and decoration plus someone to pull it all together and oversee the day.

I love a challenge and thought how lovely, a beautiful Finca near Iznajar in the middle of June, perfect weather and a stunning location.  This wedding has now gone into my top ten hottest weddings ever as the heatwave we suffered in June drove the temperatures up to the mid forties!  Never have I been so hot without air con to dash into!


A Spanish Fiesta Style Wedding

July 13th, 2015 Posted by spanish wedding themes, Spanish Weddings, Styling Weddings in Spain, Vintage Furniture Hire for weddings in Spain, Vintage Spanish style 0 thoughts on “A Spanish Fiesta Style Wedding”

We love any Spanish Inspired shoot so I was delighted to see this pop up this morning from Burnett’s Boards, Spanish Fiesta Wedding Ideas so had to share!

This lovely shoot is described perfectly as paying homage to romantic summer days with a Spanish inspired colour palette and props, we love the vibrant colours and eclectic mix of accessories.

To see the whole shoot do pop over to Burnett’s Boards.

Spanish Inspiration Board for Weddings in Spain

March 20th, 2013 Posted by About Us, Delightful details, Inspiration Boards, My Inspirations, Reviva Facebook Page, spanish wedding themes, Vintage Spanish style 0 thoughts on “Spanish Inspiration Board for Weddings in Spain”

I shared this fabulous inspiration board yesterday on Reviva´s Facebook page but had to post this gorgeous board from Camille Styles on the Blog too in case any of our readers and followers are not connected to us on Facebook.

 For me this gorgeous board has so many Spanish overtones, there is something rather dramatic about it which of course is evocative of our Andalucian flamenco drama that I adore and I love the combination of navy with the reds and dark pinks mixed with golds, it has my design brain ticking!

Do hop over and like our Facebook page we are always sharing fab ideas, inspirations and colour boards.

Flamenco in Seville Featured on Junebug Weddings

March 8th, 2013 Posted by Our Weddings, Spanish Weddings, Vintage Spanish style, Wedding Planning service, Wedding Venues in Spain, Weddings in Andalucia, Weddings in Seville 0 thoughts on “Flamenco in Seville Featured on Junebug Weddings”
Today we are yet again squeaking with delight to have one of our favourite 2012 weddings featured on Junebug Weddings.

It is lovely to be transported back to the summer of 2012 and the wonderful Mediterranean hot sunny days and revisit the wedding we created for Charles and Victoria in the beautiful city of Seville.

Victoria and Charles were a delightfully charming couple from London who contacted us at the beginning of 2012 and booked us as their planner and wedding stylist.  When they contacted us they had already booked a venue in Seville and so the planning started but as the wedding drew closer it became apparent this venue could not afford to open it´s doors so three months before the wedding Carla made an emergency dash to Seville to meet with Charles and Victoria with a shortlist of five venues to choose from and El Esparragal was chosen.  I was delighted as I preferred this venue and so the fun bit began.

Victoria and Charles were so up for an Andalusian theme, they had beautiful moving olive oil ceremony followed by a fabulous Sevillian dancing horse flamenco show to entertain their guests during the cocktail.

We styled the wedding using the famous Osborne Spanish Black Bull, the unofficial national symbol of Spain, and combined this design with a heavy influence of flamenco and  Andalusian passion.  From the red and black polka dot fans to the gorgeous red roses, Anoulka´s fabulous stationery we designed, including the black bull wine glass place cards, the bull style table numbers, our Feria style message poster and the beautiful Order of Service fans with a vintage lace detail beautifully set off this unique wedding style.

We loved styling the chill out, albeit I never realised how heavy haystacks were and Izzi was still picking bits of hay out her legs the next day!

I have to admit it was HOT, I don´t think I have ever drunk so many waters in my life! Heaven knows how Carla and Paloma managed to put their black jackets on ready for the evening to oversee the party.  Such an amazing weekend for everyone involved including us, we so enjoyed it and have so many lovely memories.

Our thanks to Anna Gazda for such gorgeous photos and documenting such a fabulous day.

Designing and Inspiration Boards

February 23rd, 2013 Posted by About me, Inspiration Boards, Interior Design, moroccan decorations, My Inspirations, My life, Vintage Spanish style 0 thoughts on “Designing and Inspiration Boards”

Design is creating a space, a product or a function with harmony, balance and style.

Whether you are designing your home, a wedding, a work space or a product there are basic principles applied to make it work plus of course an eye for balance and style.

One thing I find always works is to gather various collected elements together to create an inspiration board and tonight I created this with some photos I have pinned on my interiors file on Pinterest.  

Working on a design project is always exciting whether it be a re-decoration of a room or the design of your wedding, party or event.

It is always a good idea to gather the colours, images and swatches together and you will quickly see a cohesive look and colours leaping out at you.
This time of year I am updating my own living spaces and as an interior designer and stylist I apply my own principles to my own home and thought it would be interesting to gather the images I have collected over the past few months, of interior spaces, together on one board.

It appears now I have to go out and buy lots of mint green and soft turquoise paints!
With storms predicted here in southern Spain tomorrow this actually sounds like a good plan.

Gorgeous Vintage Spanish Wedding Stationery Design

January 25th, 2013 Posted by About Us, Spanish Wedding Stationery, Spanish Weddings, Stylish Weddings in Spain, Vintage Spanish style, Wedding Stationery, Weddings in Spain 0 thoughts on “Gorgeous Vintage Spanish Wedding Stationery Design”

Berry Sorbet

Here at Reviva as we are busy planning, designing and getting organised for our fabulous weddings this year, we thought we would share some of our latest vintage Spanish designs with you.  

Sarah, one of our delightful brides from last year and now a personal friend, has finally thrown the towel in on her regular job, jumped off that cliff and is collaborating with us to create some gorgeous designs for our weddings.  

I so love chatting to Sarah and sharing design inspirations with her, she is truly an amazingly talented person and for me personally it is wonderful to work with someone who has this designer artistic brain that I can relate to and bounce ideas off.  

Her infectious enthusiasm is delightful and her eye for detail astounds me, it is a breath of fresh air.

We keep squeaking with delight when we receive her beautiful colour inspiration boards and new stationery designs for our clients, it is a very exciting time, a lot of fun and Sarah is jaw droppingly amazing, if there is such a word!

We cannot wait to showcase our designs for this coming year and are thrilled to have Sarah on board and supporting her in her new venture as she designs and creates some fabulous stationery, signs and all sorts of gorgeous things for our weddings.

If you have fallen in love, as I did last year, with Sarah´s Spanish vintage designs please do contact us for more information on

We will also be sharing Sarah´s designs as she creates them for us and for her business so do keep checking back or like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our latest design trends and news.

A Vintage Spanish Lace and Bouganvillea Wedding

January 12th, 2013 Posted by Delightful details, Fabulous Blogs, Favours for Weddings, My Inspirations, Spanish Weddings, Stylish Weddings in Spain, Vintage Spanish style 0 thoughts on “A Vintage Spanish Lace and Bouganvillea Wedding”

Squeaking, more squeaking, some hyperventilating followed by happy deep sighing and thank heaven for Style Me Pretty!

Completely head over heels and deeply in love with this gorgeously, beautifully styled vintage Spanish influenced wedding. 

All the details are enchanting from the pink bougainvillea and lace ceremony area to the beautifully dressed tables, the intricate gold Moroccan styled stationery and we love the blue and white Spanish tiles.  Still hyperventilating!

 We adore the thoughtfully designed blue table runners setting off this tablescape combined with the jewel coloured votives adding a touch of the Moroccan style, which of course is synonymous with the Andalucian culture, it works perfectly. 

Love the eclectic mix of colours used from the smaller touches of purples and turquoises, casually throwing in some pales pinks amongst the brighter pinks, golds of course, as this is our year to sparkle! and a few hints of bright zingy Sevillian orange.  

The wonderful array of accessories combined with the proteas, succulents, the mix of florals, fruits and nuts and the dark wood Moroccan screens all bring this gorgeous wedding to life and convey a beautiful Spanish style. 

Here in Spain our Mediterranean sunshine and the wonderful light we have brings all the glorious colours of Southern Spain to life, it is a passionate country and we sing and dance colour so why not introduce this wonderful evocative style into your Spanish wedding.  

Southern Spain is not the beautiful dreamy whites and lavenders of Provence, the deep terracottas and greens of Tuscany nor the subdued ivories and blush of vintage UK.  

Spain is a vibrant, passionate country and here in Andalucia, the land of flamenco, tapas and Spanish guitar, we are full of history steeped in Moorish influences so let´s embrace these gorgeous jewel colours, include the culture and throw some Spanish style and fun at our weddings!

We are creating some gorgeous weddings this year including using handmade Spanish ceramic tiles, made in Seville, personalised as favours for guests. 

It is such a fabulous idea and we cannot wait to see them.

Our thanks to Style Me Pretty for just being there and sharing such gorgeous events to inspire us and to Alchemy Fine Events and Luna Photo for sharing these wonderful images for people like me to drool over!

To see the whole gallery click here.

Mediterranean Olive Wedding Inspirations

October 19th, 2012 Posted by About me, Delightful details, My Inspirations, spanish wedding themes, Spanish Weddings, Vintage Spanish style 0 thoughts on “Mediterranean Olive Wedding Inspirations”
I love the colour olive, I am not sure why but it is a colour featured a lot in my own home mixed with whites and a very deep raspberry magenta pink, love it 🙂
I also love olive trees, I have a miniature olive tree on my terrace which is very pretty, no olives yet but patiently waiting.
I cannot say I am a huge lover of eating olives and even though I watch all my three daughters scoffing them, I am still not convinced but believe me I have tried as I live in olive country!
One of the best ways I have found to enjoy eating olives is to mash them up with garlic, a sort of olive tapenade, which is very yummy particularly if mixed with some salty anchovies.

I had a meeting today which has lead me back to the olive theme for weddings, particularly here in Spain, the land of the olives, it is a lovely theme to incorporate into a Mediterranean wedding.
Whether is it just the colour or taking it further with an olive bar, olive martinis as a signature cocktail or using the olive tree and it´s branches as decorations.


We have blogged about an olive wedding scheme before but it is always lovely to revisit ideas and take a fresh look at colours, ideas and inspirations for weddings.
Most of these gorgeous images are from the amazing Elizabeth Messina and Elizabeth Anne Design, I have just spent a good few hours on Elizabeth Messina´s blog tonight it is truly inspirational and absolutely love her work. 
Some of the other images are from our weddings where we have created olive bars and the rest were found on Pinterest so I hope by sharing this colour combo and some ideas we have inspired you.

A Wonderful Testimonial received today!

September 10th, 2012 Posted by Flamenco style weddings, Spanish Wedding Stationery, spanish wedding themes, Spanish Weddings, Vintage Spanish style, Wedding Venues in Spain, Weddings in Spain 0 thoughts on “A Wonderful Testimonial received today!”
Hi there Laura xx
Hope you’re well and everything is getting better after the fires.
It was so devastating to see such a beauty in flames and to know so many homes were destroyed. I hear that the fires have halted now and just hope that people will get help and can rebuild their lives. Its just tragic.
I have been meaning to mail since arrived home on Saturday, my mail seemed to fail in Nerja every time I tried to send a message.
We are still very much floating from the wedding. It was absolutely PERFECT!!!
Everything was just stunning and more beautiful than I could have imagined.
Thank you for all your work and for making my vision come alive. You see things exactly as I do and was so happy with how everything turned out. I truly felt like a princess in a twinkling, sparkling palace.
It could not have been better so thank you so much.
The comments from our guests on all the details was astounding- everyone said it felt magical- even most of the men commented on the backs of chairs!
Felt so proud to make our guests feel special.
The flowers were stunning too, so were the candles, confetti petals, sweetie bags and sweet bar.
The children were in heaven- so was Dannys mum!! Really can’t tell you how happy we were- starting to get some of Anna’s photo’s through and noticing even more details, so excited to see more!!
It really was everything we wanted and more. As the sun went down behind the top table the candles started to twinkle, the fairy lights and glassware sparkled, the colours changed and the ambience was even more amazing.
From the conservatory to outside with the papel picados dancing in the wind, lit by lanterns and fairy lights, it was all beautiful. 
This magical feeling is just what I wanted our friends and family to notice- and they did!! We stayed outside until the early hours, with a few singing and playing guitar- I’ll never forget it all.
Take care, keep creating!!! Will be in touch soon.
Love Sarah xx