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Short & Chic Wedding Dresses

January 7th, 2013 Posted by About Us, Latest Bridal Fashions, Our Weddings, Retro Style Weddings, Short Wedding Dresses, Vintage Style, Wedding Dresses in Spain, Wedding Trends for 2013 0 thoughts on “Short & Chic Wedding Dresses”


Continuing with our 2013 Wedding Trends predictions, stylish, shorter wedding dresses are making a comeback reflecting the fashions of the past decades from the 20´s flapper styles to the retro knee length fifties and swinging sixties thigh high minis.
Finding the perfect wedding dress is every one of our brides favourite days and when we receive excited emails and texts of photos from our brides twirling like princesses, in dressing rooms having found their dream dress, it is always a very special moment.
I am always excited to see our brides dresses in real life and usually I launch myself into their rooms under a disguise of flowers as they are getting ready and immediately seek out their gorgeous dresses, usually by then tastefully arranged and hung by the photographers.
Our brides always bring a tear to my eye and we have seen some gorgeous to die for dresses from fabulous design houses, Jenny Packham, Pronovias, Temperley, Vera Wang and many more.
One thing I am surprised at, not being a conventional person myself, is that we have yet to witness a shorter style wedding dress and yet they are so chic, stylish and fun.  
Shorter styles are so much better suited to our hot climate and I recall one of my brides this year being rooted to the spot at her cocktail hour.  
When I dashed over to see her, she explained she could not walk or move that well as her legs had welded together in the heat under her dress!
She did look very hot and I did giggle with her at the dilemma of trying to move with sweaty welded thighs!   After a few cooling cocktails she recovered enough to make it to the reception area 🙂
 So when choosing your wedding dress for your Mediterranean or just hot, gloriously sunny day wedding why not break tradition and keep cool by choosing a funky, retro, chic shorter hemline.  You will be amazed at how much better you will be as well once you hit the dance floor!
These images are from two of my favourite websites, Ruche and BHLDN

Wedding Stationery Shiny Sponsor!

October 22nd, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, Ideas for Weddings, Shiny Sponsors, Vintage Style, Wedding Stationery 0 thoughts on “Wedding Stationery Shiny Sponsor!”
We are delighted to welcome on board our newest shiny sponsor Invites Weddings.
At Invites Weddings you can browse a huge range of wedding stationery and with so much to choose from we are certain you will find something that matches the style and theme of your wedding, from vintage to contemporary and elegant styles.
Their collections of wedding invites, cards, stationery and accessories provides everything you need from wording and personalisation along with many style choices with different papers, colours and designs.
You can order samples so you can see and feel the quality before you purchase anything and they also have an online catalogue you can browse through, the prices are also very competitive as wedding stationery can take up quite a large part of any wedding budget.
So hop over and have a look, from classic to vintage or elegant there are many styles, colours and different designs to choose from.

Beautiful Vintage Style Chairs for Weddings

June 5th, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, Lanterns and Candles, Marbella Weddings, Styling Weddings, Vintage Style, Vintage Weddings 0 thoughts on “Beautiful Vintage Style Chairs for Weddings”
When I design weddings I love the different styles we can apply according to the clients and the array of venues we work with.
Villa Padierna, here in Marbella, is famous for Michelle Obama visting and reminds me of a Vegas style Italian themed hotel, lots of marble, fountains and statues that we are forever covering up at weddings! and a very grand, elegant feel to the whole venue.
This weekend we worked very hard to create a beautiful wedding for Rebecca and John, a delightful and charming couple that we had the pleasure of designing their wedding for.
Rebecca, for me, was a challenge, she had a very elegant refined taste that took time for me to know exactly what she wanted and after a few meetings I finally narrowed her down to what she wanted to achieve for her day.
To sum it up it was to be a beautifully, elegant contemporary style wedding but with a vintage, spanish twist using lace and she wanted a huge amount of candle light 🙂
We kept the design to a stunning ivory and lace theme using lots of different height cylilnder glassware and ivory candles to create a mass in the centre of each table.
The venue was dressed with our fairy lights, candles on the steps, and lanterns surrounding the Linares terrace area.
The highlight for me with Rebecca and John´s wedding was our new gorgeous chair dressing with ivory covers, gorgeous vintage lace chair sashes finished off with some gorgeous hugely sparkly diamante vintage brooches 🙂
The final result looked stunning and we were thrilled.
We had to just share a chair with you but hopefully we will have all the photos to blog soon as this wedding was so stylish, elegant and beautiful 🙂

Udreamybridal Our New Shiny Sponsor

April 17th, 2012 Posted by Bridesmaids colours, Delightful details, Latest Bridal Fashions, Shoes, Sponsors, Vintage Style 0 thoughts on “Udreamybridal Our New Shiny Sponsor”
We are delighted to welcome on board our latest shiny sponsor Udreamybridal.
Udreamybridal offer an amazing range of bridalwear from bridal dresses, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride and very cute flower girl dresses.
We particularly love the vintage styled 1950´s Audrey Hepburn styles and there are some fabulous lace and beach style dresses perfect for weddings here in Spain.
You must hotfoot it over to take a sneak peek, particularly if you are working to a budget, as the prices amazed me and they ship worldwide.

Dramatic Spanish Style For Weddings

March 27th, 2012 Posted by About Us, Celebrity Weddings, My Inspirations, spanish wedding themes, Vintage Style, Wedding Trends for 2012 0 thoughts on “Dramatic Spanish Style For Weddings”
As many of our clients wish to incorporate an element of Spain into their weddings here, we are constantly looking for Spanish style inspirations to add touches of Spain’s wonderful and dramatic culture into our weddings and parties. 
We love this fabulous shoot featured on Wedluxe using a stunning combination of black lace, red roses and golds, it reminds me of the beautiful churches we have here adorned with gold candelabras and candles. 
We have been working very hard here this winter and many of our weddings coming up this year have some beautifully designed styling and details. 
We have one in Sevilla that is going to be stunning and we will feature sneak peeks as we build up to the big day, our gorgeous vintage fan invitations are winging their way to London as I type 🙂 
We have a Sevillian orange rustic style wedding, fabulous vintage style lace weddings and the rest of our designs are currently well kept secrets as we reveal some stunning new ideas throughout 2012!

New Ruche Pastel Wedding Collection

March 14th, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, Latest Bridal Fashions, My Inspirations, Pastel Weddings, Vintage Style, Vintage Weddings, Wedding Trends for 2012 0 thoughts on “New Ruche Pastel Wedding Collection”
We felt this was too exciting not to share and thanks to Green Wedding Shoes for introducing Ruche’s new wedding collection which is being launched on the 19th March.
We are already an avid fan of their clothes and accessories and are delighted that Ruche are now creating vintage, feminine wedding and bridesmaids dresses with a focus on embroidery and intricate detailing.
We are in love the pastels and neutrals, a huge fashion statement this year mixed with metallics and even more amazing are the prices with wedding dresses below $500 and bridesmaids retailing at around $100.
All brides must pop over and take a sneak peek at Green Wedding Shoes and in the meantime we have about 4 more sleeps until this gorgeous new collection is launched.
I have no doubt we will see many more gorgeous photos and will share these with you.

Can you overdecorate a wedding?

October 3rd, 2011 Posted by About me, Delightful details, Mediterranean weddings, My Inspirations, Styling Weddings, Vintage Style 0 thoughts on “Can you overdecorate a wedding?”
Taste and style are commodoties that people desire and certainly when it comes to decorating your wedding day this is important, so are some weddings overdecorated?

We recently had this experience with one of our clients which we would like to share.

Our client had booked her stunning wedding, set in beautiful grounds with a fabulous pool, very Moorish styling, a gorgeous marquee and yet she wanted the marquee dressed with white tissue paper pom poms?

We have seen the craze of tissue pom poms and they are lovely for a baby shower and look fabulous in our local cake shop but for a super stylish wedding, sorry no!

I had to get bossy and take charge at this point and steer our client to much more tasteful styling of her wedding which thank goodness she agreed with instantly which of course is why she hired us.

She ended up with a beautifully styled evening using lots of candles, white chill out areas and it was all very tastefully decorated.

I was so relieved she had accepted my advice as I did have a sleepless night wondering how best to approach this subject!

I am sure our clients were relieved too, as the decorations I suggested were not appropriate to her wedding style were almost another 1000 euros which I immediately wiped off their quote, but I could not bear the thought of cheap wedding decorations in such a stylish setting!

I am not knocking this pom pom craze, last year at one of our weddings we used them but it suited the venue as it was a funky, fun wedding with lots of bright colours so we were able to use them and it worked.

However, we have seen a few weddings posted this year and it looks more like a children´s playground with an In the Night Garden feel to it. I think the pom poms are now on their way out unless they are super stylish silver or gold ones but not the cheap tissue paper ones unless you wish to use them for a baby shower or a cake shop decoration.

Less is more is what I tell all my clients, concentrate on the lovely details, the personal touches, thanking your guests for coming, the stationery, how things are set out on the day from the cocktail sticks to the tablescapes.

Make your wedding personal and stamp your style on it, don´t try to overdress your venue.

Unless you have a super large budget keep it elegant and simple otherwise you will spoil what could be a very beautiful wedding into a cheap decoration showground, if you don´t like it don´t use it.

You should have seen my face earlier this year when I was presented with different bags of foil confetti for each table, I had gold top hats for one table, purple hearts for another, silver stars the list was endless, I nearly died!

Don´t do it unless you really have to! If it is not stylish or tasteful then leave it out.

Creating a wedding here in Spain is all about being outside, Mamma Mia twinkling lights always spring to mind for me and keep it simple and elegant as you are in such beautiful surroudings.