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A Guide to Real Life Working Inspiration Boards for your Wedding

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As many of our followers know we are not just Wedding Planners with excel spreadsheets, although of course we have these and like to make them look pretty 🙂

With a background in interior design and retail merchandising, I am an experienced wedding stylist and I work with our clients to ensure their imagination is perfectly translated in preparation for their day.  I don’t just turn our clients over to a florist and other suppliers to pull off a look in the hope you will get the dream day you imagined.


rose gold love

Big 2017 Trend, Marble and Rose Golds

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Having posted about what we are seeing as one of the latest fashions for weddings we thought we would work up the marble theme a bit more. This helps us as we get our creative hats on to look at styles, colours and designs for our weddings.

I created this inspiration board this evening from Pinterest to look at this style in detail.

For me marbles are quite a cold medium to work with.



Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity Colour for Weddings

February 10th, 2016 Posted by Elegant Weddings in Spain, Luxury Weddings in Spain, Rose Quartz and Serenity by Pantone, Wedding Colours, Wedding trends for 2016 0 thoughts on “Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity Colour for Weddings”

We have been watching the wedding colours recently with great interest and dare I say slightly relieved to see the back of the blush! I know many brides still love this colour and are sticking with it as it is so perfect for weddings but for us wedding pros we like a change!


Dreamy Teal Wedding Colour Inspirations from Elizabeth Anne Designs

October 15th, 2013 Posted by Delightful details, Inspiration Boards, Wedding Colours 0 thoughts on “Dreamy Teal Wedding Colour Inspirations from Elizabeth Anne Designs”
Teal is such an understated, beautiful colour for weddings either toned down with cool mint greens for a sea glass colour palette or combined with rich jewel colours makes for a striking colour combination.

One of my favourite inspiration places is Elizabeth Anne Designs, currently on a teal crush, so had to share some of her beautiful inspiration boards with you as they are just too dreamy not to miss.

A Spanish Flag Wedding Colour Inspiration, Passionate Reds and Marigold Yellows

April 7th, 2013 Posted by About Us, Inspiration Boards, spanish wedding themes, Wedding Colours, Weddings in Barcelona, Weddings in Madrid, Weddings in Seville, Weddings in Spain 0 thoughts on “A Spanish Flag Wedding Colour Inspiration, Passionate Reds and Marigold Yellows”

Tonight I have been playing around with the colours of the Spanish flag using the deep passionate reds combined with the sunny marigold hues and designing ideas on how to translate this colour combo into a wedding as it is really quite a harsh colour scheme but executed properly would be fabulous and we love doing fabulous!

Spain is so evocative of these colours, from their red and yellow flag to the colours of the famous sangria all provides a wonderful Spanish colour scheme to use as a base for your wedding or party.  

There are so many fun elements drawn from the Spanish culture that we have incorporated into our previous wedding designs, from the use of the black Osborne bull as a vehicle to create place cards and table seating plans to Spanish lace fans and Sevillian oranges and sunflowers, really the list is endless which is rather exciting as I am constantly drawing on Spanish culture to translate into ideas for our weddings and am spoilt for choice.

Reviva Weddings have not only absorbed the Spanish culture into our weddings but have also now expanded across Spain.  

We will be announcing our exciting news this week as we pop up officially in all the major cities around Spain including Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.

A Soft Yellow Colour Palette for Weddings

April 5th, 2013 Posted by About Us, Delightful details, desert tables, Inspiration Boards, My Inspirations, Stylish Weddings in Spain, Wedding Colours 0 thoughts on “A Soft Yellow Colour Palette for Weddings”
Spring has sprung I hope finally here in Southern Spain.

 Our weather prediction has a big yellow thing in the sky tomorrow so fingers crossed after two months of what seems like eternal rain our famous Mediterranean summer is just around the corner!

Here at Reviva we have been looking at lots of colour trends and yellows are currently predominant along with purples being featured in many spring inspirations so we thought we would create an inspiration board using this beautiful buttery hue, a colour that works well with pinks and golds as well as lilacs and soft blues.

We are also designing some desert tables and love this one featured on Amy Atlas along with some fabulous images found on Pinterest.

Lavender and Purple Wedding Inspirations in Marbella

March 16th, 2013 Posted by About Us, Our Weddings, Styling Weddings, Wedding Colours, Wedding Flowers Marbella, Wedding Flowers Spain 0 thoughts on “Lavender and Purple Wedding Inspirations in Marbella”

Lavender and purple is such a pretty, feminine and romantic colour scheme and you can never really go wrong with this colour combo, so today we have gone lavender crazy and shared some gorgeous inspiration boards that we are working on with our clients, to offer a bit of advice when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers for a hot climate.

Spring is the lavender time with some beautifully gorgeous smelling flowers from hyacinths, purple tulips, muscari and irises.  I wish we had more spring weddings here but sadly, with a sad face, Spain is a hot summer destination wedding area and spring weddings are scarce!

Recently I have been hugely excited to find tiny purple wild irises growing near our house and scattered in the fields around Marbella and Ronda, they disappeared for a while, but are now reappearing and look like bluebells from a distance. a wonderful sight.  

Lavender is also beginning to shoot out some pretty flowers so I will be picking these and drying them out ready to decorate napkins and use in our wedding decorations, I am sure our gardeners must wonder why all the lavenders in our village are beheaded every year but not planning to come clean!

Many of our weddings are hosted in our glorious, fabulously hot summers so what lavender and purple florals do we recommend to create this gorgeous colour combo in the summer heat in Marbella.

Hydrangeas, such a large fabulous bloom but prone to wilting in the heat, fine in water but for a wedding bouquet simply out of the question.  

There are some beautiful roses such as the Cool Water that are perfect for bouquets and all roses will withstand the heat here in Spain if prepared and treated properly.

Other gorgeous lilac and purple flowers to consider are freesia, lisianthus, veronicas, delphiniums and cala lilies along with the gorgeous purple vanda orchids, such a beautiful and exotic flower.

We hope you enjoy these inspirations for a beautiful lilac wedding palette and our advice for choosing your flowers for your wedding in a hot climate.

Norwegian Weddings in Marbella

March 2nd, 2013 Posted by Destination Weddings, Inspiration Boards, Norwegian Weddings in Marbella, Our Weddings, Wedding Colours, weddings in private villas 0 thoughts on “Norwegian Weddings in Marbella”
Our wonderful Mediterranean climate and food combined with the laid back, relaxed Spanish lifestyle proves the perfect getaway for many Northern Europeans escaping colder climates and wishing to enjoy some relaxed sunshine time.

So where better than to host a wonderfully warm celebration with close family and friends than here in Andalucia.  Many of our clients are from the northern hemispheres of Europe including Norway, Holland, Sweden and Belgium, and we love the relaxed nature and disposition of our Northern European clients, and I adore their style!

It is beautifully simple yet elegant and no fuss is anywhere to be seen!  I do follow a lot of fabulous Norwegian and Swedish design blogs, albeit I cannot understand them but I so love their understated decoration and google translate helps 🙂

We have been planning and designing a gorgeous wedding for a charming couple from Norway and their special day starts with a beautiful ceremony at our local Norwegian church followed by an intimate reception at a nearby villa with their family, children and close friends.

I thought I would share some of the inspiration boards created as we have worked on the wedding details using predominantly whites, fresh greens, soft peaches and adding in touches of lavender.

These are working boards assembled for Lolita as we have designed the wedding style and we are so excited about creating a beautiful tablescape, a desert, fruits and nuts bar, a cooling lemonade station and creating stylish tiny details such as decorating the napkins with sprigs of lavender and personalised placecards.

It will be a beautiful wedding celebrated with their close family and friends and of course we will share our photos with you throughout the year of our weddings we plan, create and style. 

Wedding Trends Bright Neons

April 13th, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, Destination Weddings, My Inspirations, Wedding Colours, Wedding Trends for 2012, Whites 0 thoughts on “Wedding Trends Bright Neons”
The NEON trend hit the fashion world last year and of course is now being translated into wedding world and we are seeing these bright pops of colour becoming increasingly and boldly used. 
I think, as a designer, the key element when using these fabulous and riotous colours is to tone it down with the cooler colours, whites works with me all the time!
 We have the soft greys combined with the zingy yellows, citrusy greens combined with plenty of whites and pops of hot pinks and cobalt blues combined with paler shades of nude pinks and whites.
Get it right and the end results will be fabulous and make a strong colour statement, get it wrong and it will be a mess of riotous colours!
This style is funky though and would suit a young and retro bride, we have a few weddings with strong colour statements in this year, mainly the bright yellow but just little details here and there which will be stunning.
Images found via Pinterest

Romantic White and Floral Wedding Inspiration

March 3rd, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, My Inspirations, Romantic Ideas, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Colours, Whites 0 thoughts on “Romantic White and Floral Wedding Inspiration”
Who does not love white with flashes of colour and this week I found some fabulous cakes on Pinterest that prompted me to do this gorgeous floral mixed with white blogpost.
Sometimes with Pinterest it is not easy to see the original source of all the fabulous photos that are pinned, but I have taken time to see who these fantastic cakes are made by and I think this comes from Amelies House and her creations are gorgeous.
I love the colours and themes of the birds and florals and this would be the basis for a very pretty wedding theme with the cute birdhouses and delightful details.  It is much cleaner and fresher than previous vintage style themes.
I have also noticed this year golds are definitely back in combined with pastel colours and I hope this inspiration board emulates the latest trend not perhaps with weddings but generally in interiors which of course will follow suit in the wedding world.