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Ikat Inspirations for Weddings

March 22nd, 2013 Posted by Ikat for Weddings, My Inspirations, Wedding Trends for 2013 0 thoughts on “Ikat Inspirations for Weddings”
I love the fusion of different cultures into weddings and have been watching with interest the latest fashion to storm into wedding world replacing the 2012 chevron trend.

Ikat is not a classic and timeless design either for weddings, but never the less we are going to share a few inspirations with you over the next week using Ikat within a wedding design as it is about to storm wedding world for 2013.

Ikat is a dyeing technique similar to tie and die and popular in many Asian countries, the actual word Ikat originates from Indonesia and the designs, I think, have a lovely ethnic quality to them and remind me of a very 70´s bedlinen I had as a child in the classic peach and grey!

I love the use of Ikat in this wedding featured above by High Society as there are a lot of interesting design and styling elements pulling this fabulous wedding design together.

Ikat would be perfect for a bohemian beach style wedding in shades of whites, blues and turquoises and I do want to incorporate this design into one of our gorgeous beach weddings we are designing here in September.

Here though, I love the combination of the rather grand, stately venue as a backdrop to the ornamental decor, from the vivid colours of the florals, combined with the ethnic qualities of the Moroccan style lamps and Ikat table runners.  

There is such a use of contradictory styles and yet they work so well together to create a stunning setting for this beautiful wedding.

To see more of this gorgeous Ikat styled wedding do head over to High Society.

Sequins and Glitter for Weddings in Spain

March 3rd, 2013 Posted by Delightful details, Glitter, My Inspirations, Sequins for Weddings, Stylish Weddings in Spain, Wedding Trends for 2013 0 thoughts on “Sequins and Glitter for Weddings in Spain”

As our quest for all that glitters and sparkles grows, you can imagine our delight at finding this gorgeous photo shoot on Ruffled 🙂

I had to share this wonderfully twinkly inspiration with you, from the delightful silver glitter cake to the slightly sparkly heart shaped cookies plus of course the sequin table covers and divine pastel floral arrangements.  I squeaked and went to to heaven and back!
If you would like to add some sparkle to your wedding do contact us, we have everything here from glitter stationery, sparkly hearts and sequinned table linens. 

Reviva is not just rocking this year but twinkling beautifully 🙂

Short & Chic Wedding Dresses

January 7th, 2013 Posted by About Us, Latest Bridal Fashions, Our Weddings, Retro Style Weddings, Short Wedding Dresses, Vintage Style, Wedding Dresses in Spain, Wedding Trends for 2013 0 thoughts on “Short & Chic Wedding Dresses”


Continuing with our 2013 Wedding Trends predictions, stylish, shorter wedding dresses are making a comeback reflecting the fashions of the past decades from the 20´s flapper styles to the retro knee length fifties and swinging sixties thigh high minis.
Finding the perfect wedding dress is every one of our brides favourite days and when we receive excited emails and texts of photos from our brides twirling like princesses, in dressing rooms having found their dream dress, it is always a very special moment.
I am always excited to see our brides dresses in real life and usually I launch myself into their rooms under a disguise of flowers as they are getting ready and immediately seek out their gorgeous dresses, usually by then tastefully arranged and hung by the photographers.
Our brides always bring a tear to my eye and we have seen some gorgeous to die for dresses from fabulous design houses, Jenny Packham, Pronovias, Temperley, Vera Wang and many more.
One thing I am surprised at, not being a conventional person myself, is that we have yet to witness a shorter style wedding dress and yet they are so chic, stylish and fun.  
Shorter styles are so much better suited to our hot climate and I recall one of my brides this year being rooted to the spot at her cocktail hour.  
When I dashed over to see her, she explained she could not walk or move that well as her legs had welded together in the heat under her dress!
She did look very hot and I did giggle with her at the dilemma of trying to move with sweaty welded thighs!   After a few cooling cocktails she recovered enough to make it to the reception area 🙂
 So when choosing your wedding dress for your Mediterranean or just hot, gloriously sunny day wedding why not break tradition and keep cool by choosing a funky, retro, chic shorter hemline.  You will be amazed at how much better you will be as well once you hit the dance floor!
These images are from two of my favourite websites, Ruche and BHLDN

Sequins for Weddings

January 2nd, 2013 Posted by Delightful details, Glitter, Our Wedding Shop in Marbella, Our Weddings, Sequins for Weddings, Table Settings, Wedding Trends for 2013 0 thoughts on “Sequins for Weddings”
Bling is in :)!
Images for Inspiration Board from Pinterest
I have loved sequins eversince I was a child, my obsession with anything that glitters has become bigger as I got bigger!  Throw in some glitter, better if it is edible, and I am in heaven!
We are squeaking with excitement here at Reviva as we have gathered our glittery accessories ready for our 2013 weddings. 
We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of our new completely fabulous wedding accessories including sequin table linens in golds and silvers 🙂
Gorgeous glitter freestanding Mr and Mrs letters that can be personalised with your new surname and are available in a huge variety of sparkly colours.
Glitter banners are also a wonderful way to add some bling to your wedding, perhaps hang one over your cake table.
Image from Etsy
Image found on Pinterest
We are now stocking velvet glitter ribbons in a beautiful range of colours.
We cannot wait to share some of our sparkly weddings with you in 2013 and if you wish to add some magic twinkle to your wedding here in Spain please do contact us on

Wedding Trends for 2013 Gorgeous Paper Lanterns

November 28th, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, Ideas for Weddings, Lanterns and Candles, New Products, Twilight Party, Wedding Trends for 2013 0 thoughts on “Wedding Trends for 2013 Gorgeous Paper Lanterns”


Here at Reviva Weddings we are well known for our romantic, magical and twinkly settings for our fabulous Mediterranean weddings and parties.  If it twinkles we love it!
As one of the trendsetters here in Spain for creating sparkly, twinkly evenings, we are always looking for new ideas and beautiful products to create charming magical evenings once our gloriously hot sunshine disappears and the Mamma Mia style nights descend!
We are, therefore, delighted to be stocking these gorgeous hand cut paper lanterns in a Moroccan or Vintage floral design for our 2013 weddings. 
These lanterns are magical in the evening when lit and such beautiful decorations during the day suspended from trees or placed around key features such as walls, special tables and candy bars.
A range of colours and sizes can be ordered, even super cute tiny ones, perfect for adding a delightful favour box to your place settings.  We also offer beautifully hand cut circular menus to compliment these gorgeous paper lanterns.
If you would like to order these delightful paper lanterns for your wedding or party and would like more information please do contact us, we will also be stocking a range of these new lanterns in our shop here in Marbella.
Please do note these designs are copyrighted by our fabulous paper designer and cannot be reproduced.

An Alternative Pretty White Halloween

October 27th, 2012 Posted by About me, Delightful details, Halloween in Marbella, Halloween Parties, Halloween table settings, Table Settings, Wedding Trends for 2013 0 thoughts on “An Alternative Pretty White Halloween”

After the wonderfully staged and ghoulish Strictly came on tonight, there was much excitement eminating from Twinks, not only practising her fantastic and rather worrying Shakira dance moves but also a hugely animated excitement about Halloween.
So I finally succumbed to rummaging in my understairs cupboard and digging out our traditional spooky decorations which consist of:
 A Whittards ceramic orange pumpkin and a Whittards white ghost tealight holder
My pumpkin fairy lights and our purple and black hanging bat garland
All very tasteful of course and just enough to add a bit of spookiness to the house for the Halloween week! 
I did see some rather lovely glittery yet spooky door signs in Dunnes this week, but refrained already knowing my bill on kitting Twinks out with a basic winter wardrobe was going to be quite high!
Trying to find a real pumpkin here in Spain takes a master class in driving around all the local supermarkets hoping to spot an object that resembles something round and orange.
I suppose this will be my mission on Monday, I may strike lucky at Supersol or El Campo, if not I am considering how a carved aubergine will fair?! 
It already has a ghost shape so this is my plan b!  In fact I could perhaps start a new trend of aubergine ghosts covered with gold glitter!
Tonight I have found some rather lovely white pumpkin images, I am sure they have another name as they are part of the squash family, but living in a country where we cannot easily find an orange pumpkin the chances of being able to find a white one is non existent!
But it is always so refreshing to see and share something different.  I found the first photo on pinterest a few weeks ago and love use of the white pumpkin as a ceiling pendant, although what practical use this has I have no idea but design does not have to always be practical!
Tonight on one of my current favourite blogs, Heart Handmade UK, they are sharing a gorgeous white pumpkin Halloween post which I could not resist sharing with you.
I love the use of the Liberty fabrics and gold teacups with the mint accents, definitely a popular colour combination for 2013 weddings and very fresh and pretty and what a lovely alternative to the orange and blacks that we are being bombarded with albeit I do love it!
So here is wishing you all a wonderful and spooky week and a Happy Halloween!

Confetti Ideas for Weddings

October 8th, 2012 Posted by Confetti for Weddings, Delightful details, Destination Weddings, Helpful Hints for Weddings, Ideas for Weddings, Wedding Trends for 2013, Weddings in Marbella 0 thoughts on “Confetti Ideas for Weddings”

I adore confetti, it is a must for every wedding, however I find many brides and grooms overlook this romantic moment and gorgeous photo opportunity.
So where does the tradition come from, according to Wiki it is a tradition that has stemmed from the Hindus throwing rice at their celebrations and was introduced to Europe by the The Ven. Thomas Dealty, rector of St. Mary’s Church in Swillington between 1872-1878, and he is credited with having introduced the habit of throwing confetti at weddings, from his observation of rice thrown at Hindu weddings in his previous position as Archdeacon of Madras.
The word confetti also comes from the Italian tradition of providing sugar coated almonds, confit.
Having had a lot of experience now with the art of confetti I thought I would share a few ideas and tips with you.
It seems now that the wedding party have to provide the confetti for their guests. Way back, many moons ago when I was a young girl, I remember at all weddings it was the guests who bought the confetti and took a cardboard box of the lovely retro horseshoe confetti in their handbags ready to throw at weddings.
 This is now something of the past and guests expect it to be provided for them at weddings and rarely do I see guests arriving at weddings with their confetti at the ready!
Perhaps it is as we are also now faced with the non eco friendliness of confetti having had it banned in so many churches due to the mess left behind that guests are never quite sure of the protocol and wait to see what is provided when they arrive.
So for the past few years we have found fresh or freeze dried petals were the way forward here in the Spanish churches but it is still a good idea to double check first. 
If the church or ceremony area where you live still bans confetti then do not write this off, good opportunities can be found throughout the celebrations, when the bride and groom enter the reception or cocktail, at the cake cutting or even the first dance. 
You can even have gorgeous retro style confetti balloons over the dance floor ready to pop over your heads as you do your first waltz :)!
Petals are either presented in baskets for the guests to grab a handful or in pretty confetti cones of which there are many different styles and colours available.
The advantage of providing delicate petals in cones is if the guests are clutching a handful of rose petals for a long time, sweaty hot hands and petals are not a good combination resulting in soggy squashed petals being thrown in clumps by the time the bride and groom make their exit from their ceremony.
Confetti cones are still a very popular item at our weddings, particularly our decorated and personalised ones and prevent the soggy hand syndrome!
This year we took a look at presenting some different ideas for our confetti at weddings aside from the petals, rice, lavender, dried delphiniums and petals (I am not personally keen on the smell of the dried flowers). 
The fabulous eco friendly rice butterfly confetti has been a big hit combined with the petals in confetti cones.  It stays in the air longer, as it is lighter, and is very pretty and of course eco friendly which is hugely important to me.
We also created some lovely personalised paper confetti bags, again stuffed with rose petals and rice butterflies, these are rather fun and we aptly used Spanish graphics and words on them such as Petalos de Rosas, a huge hit and very vintage 🙂
I do love the retro though and see this coming back into our weddings for 2013, using brightly coloured polka dot style paper confetti, gorgeous colour combinations of biodegradable tissue paper confetti with a bit of sparkle and different ideas of presenting it, either stuffed into see through glassine envelopes or to get into the Mexican fiesta style spirit of things presented as Cascarones in brightly coloured eggs!
You do not need to provide confetti for every guest, this is something that to be honest if you were providing 120 cones the costs would soon mount up and it is an awful lot of confetti cones to fit into baskets and rather a lot of people that need to be near you to throw it! 
Usually for a wedding party of 100 people I suggest that about 30 cones or confetti bags are suffice for guests to take and throw over the happy couple, obviously if you wish to add more then the merrier but if you are panicking about providing everyone with a confetti cone or bag don´t. 
If you want to do the maximum then I would suggest one cone per couple, it is the girls that love to throw them!
Present the confetti either in a basket for your ushers to hand out to your guests or place them on the seats near the ceremony and down the aisle.
Let´s not forget we do not need a wedding to thrown confetti it is a fun thing to do for hen nights, Christmas and New Year, perhaps we can even shower our friends on their birthdays just for a bit of colour and fun :)!
I am certainly going to have a go at the Cascarones for New Year they look rather fun and if you have one broken over your head it is supposed to bring you luck!
For our 2013 weddings and parties we will be offering a whole range of ideas for confetti from the pretty cones, rice butterflies, petal bags, retro style confetti, laser cut confetti shapes and confetti balloons.  If I succeed with the eggs for New Year then we will offer these but do think this will be a no go, I cannot see us blowing eggs in June!