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The Blush Crush for 2014 Weddings

February 23rd, 2014 Posted by Ballerina Weddings, Blush for Weddings, Delightful details, Inspiration Boards, Wedding Trends for 2014 0 thoughts on “The Blush Crush for 2014 Weddings”

The blush crush has steam rollered it´s way into our 2014 weddings on a grand scale so we thought we would share one of our blush inspired boards with you and some styling hints and tips.  It is such a dreamy romantic colour for weddings and we first noticed this colour creeping in at the end of 2011 to our weddings but now the big blush has taken over!

Having had a few design meetings recently it is interesting how this colour is such a delicate one to work with and there are so many variables of this colour from nude, ballet shoe pink, apricot, soft pink, oyster pink, peach, the list goes on but it is a difficult and delicate colour to get right.   

Hold a blush fabric against a peach rose and it can instantly make the rose look more yellow in tone.  It is a good idea if you are using this colour for your wedding to check with your florist as to exactly what colours are being used in your bouquet and we recommend working with a pale colour spectrum including ivories, soft peaches, nudes and pinks to make sure it does not clash, keeping everything soft and muted and not using just one colour that could go wrong, either being too pink, peach or yellow.

You have to love the dreaminess of this colour and the blush mixed with soft golds is such an elegant and very fashionable combination for 2014.  We have thankfully sneaked in some gold glitter, sequins, and glassware into our wedding designs which we cannot wait to share with you!

Happy New Year From Reviva Weddings!

January 1st, 2014 Posted by Edible Confetti, Gold Sequins for weddings, My Inspirations, Spanish Weddings, Styling Weddings in Spain, Wedding Trends for 2014 0 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Reviva Weddings!”
Finally we have reached 2014 and would like to wish all our past, present and future clients a wonderful New Year with health, happy times, laughter and love.

Here at Reviva we are looking forward to our fab weddings we already have booked and are planning for this year and 2015 in many lovely venues all over Spain. 

We thought it would be a good idea to kick start this New Year off with looking at the trends we are creating for our weddings and to steer you to some fabulous websites we constantly watch for inspiration, advice and giggles.

Our first must see, found on Rock and Roll Bride, is this cool extra ordinarily introduction to planning your wedding by Veronica Dearly

Golds have replaced silvers with a lot of sparkle, always my favourite subject if it involves sequins or glitter, any excuse to shine!

We love this gold sequin wedding found on 100 Layer Cake with the gold pinatas and here at Reviva we are prepared for lots of gold glitter in 2014 with our new sequin table runners and gold charger plates.

After London was sprinkled with edible confetti last night this will now be big in wedding world for 2014 and who cannot love this idea, whether it will be scoffed before you are supposed to throw it or not will be an interesting observation! 

Here is a useful tutorial from Twirling Betty to making your own edible confetti or of course you can purchase it from any good cake supplier.  I think throwing small smarties or mini marshmallows could be the way forward!

As we head into this exciting year we will share many tips, trends and helpful hints with you in order to help you find inspirations and advice for planning your wedding and to make sure you shine and sparkle. 

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Watercolour Wedding Inspirations

October 5th, 2013 Posted by Spanish Wedding Stationery, Stylists for Weddings in Spain, Stylists for Weddings in the UK, Watercolour Inspirations for Weddings, Wedding Stylists, Wedding Trends for 2014 0 thoughts on “Watercolour Wedding Inspirations”

In 2011 we looked at using watercolours as inspirations for weddings and predicted it as an up and coming trend.

This year we have seen this trend unfold and with so many beautifully designed paper goods from talented artists such as Kristy Rice at Momental Designs we will see a lot more of this beautiful theme for weddings in 2014.

You have to adore the pastel prettiness these water colour inspirations bring to a dreamy wedding colour scheme.

A few weeks ago, for our Alice in Wonderland styled wedding we created table names adorned with an ivory rose and supplied a pot of red paint and a brush so the guests could paint the roses red.

I love the watercolour idea and how it could be taken further with perhaps each guest creating a mini masterpiece for the happy couple to be mounted and displayed later as a complete wedding work of art 🙂  A more elaborate guest book perhaps!

If you cannot have fun styling your wedding day then I cannot think of many other occasions where you can really go to town creating gorgeous things for a beautiful day shared with your closest family and friends.

So do think about the details and the creativity that will make your wedding unique. If you are lost and do not know where to begin it is always worthwhile hiring a wedding stylist to help you add the creative touches to your wedding day and make sure it is beautifully executed.

If you wish to hire a wedding stylist in the UK, or here in Spain, please do contact us on

These images have been sourced from the following fabulous websites.

Gin Palaces for Weddings

September 29th, 2013 Posted by Gin Bars for Weddings, Gin Palaces for Weddings, Stylish Weddings in Spain, Unusual Ideas for Weddings, Wedding Trends for 2014 0 thoughts on “Gin Palaces for Weddings”
I have always enjoyed watching the world of fashion and forseeing what is next as this is part of my role as a designer and stylist.

My wedding business has a strong emphasis on style and creativity, as this is my professional background, and I do like to make sure we create trends and are leaders, not followers within our industry.

 I am also very fortunate that I am able to keep up-to-date with the very latest trends coming out of London, the forefront City of contemporary design.

This is mainly due to the fact that I have a wonderfully stylish sister that lives and works in London in Publishing.   As a Director of a Publishing House she commissions beautifully styled and photographed books about the latest food, drinks and interiors.
 So you can imagine I often pick her brains over a nice beach lunch when she is here in Marbella and how lucky am I !

So after a bit of brain storming on her last trip here, for a particular wedding, I was asking what the latest trends were in London that we could apply them to our weddings for 2014 and also to my Alice in Wonderland themed wedding we created and designed recently.

One thing we both loved was the latest arrival of the Gin Bars or Gin Palaces.

We have all done the Lemonade Bars now with our cute glass dispensers and paper straws and of course the Mojito Bars with our pots of mint and crushed ice, so what is next, well it is time to become more sophisticated and embrace the Gin Palaces!

There is a wonderful array of gin based cocktails out there from the classic Gin and Tonic to a Blush Punch, The Bramble, The Bronx, Gin Fizz and The Negroni.

I have been looking on Pinterest and generally researching this idea to bring into our weddings next year, let´s ditch the rustic vintage lemonade for a more glamorous affair as this recession finally leaves us!

Sophisticated and stylish Gin Palaces I predict will now storm wedding world!

I, for one, cannot wait to do some testing over the winter and have found this fabulous company in London who have many gin based cocktail recipes called the Travelling Gin Company.  All I have to do now is work out how to style this trendy new idea for 2014 weddings and like gin !

I have many more ideas and trends up my sleeves that I will share with you over the winter months so do follow us on Facebook or our blog to keep up to date with our latest 2014 wedding trends.

A Bold Colourful Mediterranean Inspiration

June 27th, 2013 Posted by About me, Mediterranean weddings, My Inspirations, spanish wedding themes, Spanish Weddings, Stylish Weddings in Spain, Wedding Trends for 2014 0 thoughts on “A Bold Colourful Mediterranean Inspiration”

Patience is a virtue and I have lots of it thank goodness.

My family might disagree with me when I cannot find things as this is my pet hate and my patience usually goes flying out the window at a very fast rate if I cannot find something, I hold my hands up, it is a red flag to a bull!

However I love nothing better and more therapeutic than designing and planning our weddings and events, quietly watching fashion trends and bringing new and fresh styles to my business.  I love a challenge and could not bear to be turning out the same well versed styles time and time again.

I approach each wedding as a new challenging, creative project and love playing around with ideas and thinking out of the box styling for our weddings with suggestions our clients have not thought about.  I prefer to be a leader rather than led and always have which is why I have worked in the design industry now for nearly 30 years, quite an achievement 🙂

I was thrilled last week, having finally managed to hit the shops, how the Ikat tribal prints were everywhere.  

Having foreseen this way back and blogged that this was a new fashion and we would see this in the 2013 and 2014 wedding trends, it was lovely to see that my predictions were spot on and tribal fabrics, bright colours and the ethnic style is now everywhere in the fashion industry which will of course filter into the interior and wedding trends.  

Now back to patience, I am patiently waiting for our summer to heat up, we have had a strange year with an unusually chilly May and June and strong winds, not my favourite weather. 

I am also now waiting patiently to see images of our fabulous weddings we have created over the past month to share with you. 

Patience required again as we are re-branding the business to move it forward, we have reshuffled and I have some fabulous designers now working with me along with enthusiastic fresh talent in the events industry, if I could wave my famous magic wand faster I would but all good things come to those that wait!

So in the meantime as I design and create and inspire myself I thought it would be lovely to share these warm Mediterranean colours with you of a shoot featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs.

We love the warm sunshine colours, the gorgeous tropical florals and the Spanish influences from the use of the crockery to the cute door knobs, which I seem to buy in abundance here from Zara home. I have a drawer full of pretty door knobs and handles, perhaps my other obsession as well as cushions and candles :)!

To see more of this fabulous Mediterranean photo shoot and the talented vendors involved do pop over to Elizabeth Anne Designs.