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Post Christmas Decorating

December 27th, 2017 Posted by About me, Christmas in Malaga, Christmas in Spain, Christmas inspirations, Decorating post Christmas, Delightful details, Fabulous Florals, Fairy Lights for Decoration, Festive Fun, Inspirations, Interior Design, Lanterns and Candles, Life in Spain, Marbella, My Inspirations, My life, New Year in Marbella, Sparkle and Shimmer, Wedding Stylists Spain, Whites, Winter Decor, Winter Weddings, Winters in Spain, Woodland Wedding 0 thoughts on “Post Christmas Decorating”

A comment from one of my lovely travel writer friends this Christmas holiday really made me sit up.

He said he was off to check out my blog for some Christmas inspiration and I was really surprised when he said my decor and ideas inspired him.  I did not realise I had an avid following searching for design and style tips! (more…)

Wedding Trends Bright Neons

April 13th, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, Destination Weddings, My Inspirations, Wedding Colours, Wedding Trends for 2012, Whites 0 thoughts on “Wedding Trends Bright Neons”

The NEON trend hit the fashion world last year and of course is now being translated into wedding world and we are seeing these bright pops of colour becoming increasingly and boldly used. 
I think, as a designer, the key element when using these fabulous and riotous colours is to tone it down with the cooler colours, whites works with me all the time!
 We have the soft greys combined with the zingy yellows, citrusy greens combined with plenty of whites and pops of hot pinks and cobalt blues combined with paler shades of nude pinks and whites.
Get it right and the end results will be fabulous and make a strong colour statement, get it wrong and it will be a mess of riotous colours!
This style is funky though and would suit a young and retro bride, we have a few weddings with strong colour statements in this year, mainly the bright yellow but just little details here and there which will be stunning.
Images found via Pinterest

Romantic White and Floral Wedding Inspiration

March 3rd, 2012 Posted by Delightful details, My Inspirations, Romantic Ideas, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Colours, Whites 0 thoughts on “Romantic White and Floral Wedding Inspiration”
Who does not love white with flashes of colour and this week I found some fabulous cakes on Pinterest that prompted me to do this gorgeous floral mixed with white blogpost.
Sometimes with Pinterest it is not easy to see the original source of all the fabulous photos that are pinned, but I have taken time to see who these fantastic cakes are made by and I think this comes from Amelies House and her creations are gorgeous.
I love the colours and themes of the birds and florals and this would be the basis for a very pretty wedding theme with the cute birdhouses and delightful details.  It is much cleaner and fresher than previous vintage style themes.
I have also noticed this year golds are definitely back in combined with pastel colours and I hope this inspiration board emulates the latest trend not perhaps with weddings but generally in interiors which of course will follow suit in the wedding world.