Swedish Christmas Inspirations

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It is that time of year where I have time to inspire myself as our wedding season comes to an end, Christmas is on it´s way and the rains have arrived in true spanish style, full force bucket fulls of water accompanied with flash floods, thunder, lightening and tornedos!
Days now seem incredibly short and it gets dark early which I find incredibly frustrating but keep telling myself now after 5 weeks the days will start to get longer again.
There seems so much to pack into such a short space of daylight hours at the moment.
But at night, I am lucky to still be sat outside tucked up on my cosy terrace, drinking lots of hot chocs as I spend long evenings looking at ideas, fashions and inspirations.
I do love the Northern European Style.
I sometimes wish I had two houses, one Scandinavian style as well as my Mediterranean style home. 
My Mediterranean home, is very Bazaar style, bright colours, white washed walls and flashes of bright colours, mainly olive greens, turquoises and pinks, sometimes perhaps a bit too much pink but I love it, albeit I am at the moment painting my kitchen a fabulous blue so there is a god :)! 
My home is a mess of things I have collected over the years that I am constantly trying to assemble into an order.  I am famous for binning things if they do not work so many items from my house have been dumped recently at our local bins as I minesweep our home yet again!  My family get rather worried when I am in this mood!
I have tried the Scandinavian style in my own home when I first moved here with dark grey walls, mixed with whites, gingham and white twigs and I just could not live with it, it was too sombre and just did not lift me at all. 
Yet I do love the style, perhaps it is something to do with the light, lifestyle, I am not sure.
When I worked in Display design, I had the most fabulous mentor and boss who was German and she certainly stamped her style on me as we were very good friends and worked together for years, it was not just her style but her lifestyle that shaped me without me realising how much, until now. 
Often when I am doing things or cooking some of her recipes handed down to me I can see how much I am like Hannah.  I have been thinking about her a lot this week as I decorate my home and turn out recipe after recipe that she taught me.  There are so many of her influences that I have continued into my adult life and I owe her for many a fabulous recipe, beautiful home and inspiration!
I have an affection for the wonderful simplicity the Northern Europeans have design wise and the fact they still use a lot of natural materials within their homes, styles and designs. I found this gorgeous website from Sweden to share with you Olsson and Jensen and I just love the style and photography along with their beautiful Christmas decorations to inspire you with a Swedish Christmas.
I am afraid I will be sticking to my silvers, vintage glass, shoe and handbag theme which is now mixed along with cupcake baubles in hot pinks ;)!  We are in Marbella after all!

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