Wedding Centrepiece Trends for 2014

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Recently I have noticed a changing trend in table centrepieces for weddings, parties and even dressing your tables at home this Christmas.  

Gone are the small vintage style bits and bobs and supposedly budget friendly glass bottles dotted around with different flowers in, I cannot ever say I was a huge fan of this look and won´t be sad to see it´s passing.  

Wedding tables in particular are already busy enough with a lot of glassware so to just add more glassware in the form of different bottles, for me, has never really ticked my box and certainly does not have the wow factor.  Perhaps cute on a kitchen windowsill or a shop display but not for a celebration.

As a designer, I prefer statements.  
Keeping it simple and clean with a statement centrepiece, some gorgeous linens and well thought out details, such as the table stationery, always screams style. 

 One large statement rather than a mix of nothingness always gives so much more impact. 

It does not have to be a huge floral arrangement, perhaps a striking piece of glassware housing a gorgeous candle, as everyone knows I love candles and twinkling things, but we are loving these loose, low and sprawling table centrepieces set into pretty containers such as stemmed glass bowls or urn style vases.

There are so many ways you can create these centrepieces perhaps incorporating fruits and twigs combined with lots of foliage and mixed with some gorgeous florals.

The prices do not need to be sky high if you use these elements and think outside the box for materials and I love the loose style of these arrangements.

These floral arrangement styles remind me of the images in historical paintings of the medieval banquets and we will see a lot more of this style centrepiece popping up in 2014.

These fabulous images were found on Snippet and Ink in conjunction with Ariella Chezar Floral Workshops and the rest on Pinterest.

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