A Thoughtful Day

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It is not often I post about things like this but I do feel after the past few months that I need to sound my voice on a subject I had not really experienced before but wish to share it with you.

Our jobs, as wedding planners, means we meet people from all walks of life, some very wealthy in terms of life and money, others planning delightful weddings on a budget and sadly I have done weddings for terminally ill people.

I think what I love most about my job is that weddings are always celebrations despite what challenges are being faced by each family.

I am a people person and love engaging with our couples, so when one lovely bride emailed me at the beginning of June this year I was instantly intrigued, challenged and wanted to help her and her fiancee achieve their dream wedding in Marbella.

Gradually after a few emails, I understood her fiancee was in a wheelchair. I have since learnt he had a car accident causing him life changing disabilites, but what a guy, he was such fun, up for it and so young to be honest.

This opened up, for me, an interesting exercise, what was available for physically challenged people who wanted to get married here in Marbella.   I researched and contacted all the venues, obviously rustic cortijos were out of the equation, but so many of the fabulous hotels here in Marbella are equipped for disabilities, it was an eye opener for me.

Today was a wonderful day, after lots of emails resulting in a week of viewing venues we found the perfect location and the big day is booked!!, even the Encarnacion Church in Marbella is accessible and I cannot wait to start now planning this wedding 🙂

I am humbled by this young couple, they are truly in love and an absolute delight.  The challenges they have faced together are beyond what most of us can imagine within a relationship, and yet here they are planning to celebrate their marriage in the sunshine next September.

We chatted a lot over the past week about various things and about facing what is a dreadful accident.

It was hitting home so much to me as sadly one of our lovely photographers was badly injured in July.  In some way it bought comfort that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for David Toms, life will never be the same but it will be what you make it.

This is where I wish to raise awareness of David in the hope anyone reading this will donate to his Go Fund Me Page which was set up this weekend.

David Toms is one of our lovely wedding photographers who was critically injured in July in a bike accident.  His severe injuries sent shock waves around the wedding community here.   After weeks in intensive care in Malaga, David was moved to Toledo where there is a fantastic hospital that specialises in spinal injuries.

Since David has been moved here, he has been able to breathe independently and talk again, and is now out of ICU.

But of course with all these severe spinal injuries he has suffered a life changing accident and the community here are trying to raise money for his rehabilitation, care and equipment he will require long term.

Please do head over to David’s Go Fund Me Page, even 5 euros will make a difference as we try, as a community, to raise money for his ongoing care.  I know David has photographed many of my past couples weddings that probably don’t even know about his accident so hoping this post will reach out to a few more people.

I am also hoping that this will give anyone who is in this situation hope, as there are still many things to be enjoyed and my lovely couple are proving this.14998607_1475339153-0909

6 thoughts on “A Thoughtful Day”

Avatar Dougie says:

Beautifully said!!!

Thank you Dougie, it was not an easy post to do

Avatar Lori Sjollema says:

Thank you so much Laura for taking this time to write this beautiful message. God bless and I hope that I meet you one day. All this helps for much. Thank you again. xx LORI

Hi Lori Thank you for taking the time to send me a message. A lot of people are sending much love and strength your way. I hope we meet too xxx

Avatar lizzie Marriage says:

Dear Laura, So beautifully put…..As we are all so aware that David is not with us on these occasions ….
This last couple of months I have missed him so much, but…so has everyone….I really can’t think of a Ceremony I have done when his name has not been on our lips…..so much love going to David…..

Thank you Lizzie, it was not an easy post to write but want to spread awareness and get David’s Go Fund me page some exposure so we can raise vital funds for his ongoing care. I have already had one bride he photographed a few years ago, reply saying she was not aware of his accident and will donate so it is achieving something 🙂 xxx

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