A Guide to Real Life Working Inspiration Boards for your Wedding

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As many of our followers know we are not just Wedding Planners with excel spreadsheets, although of course we have these and like to make them look pretty ūüôā

With a background in interior design and retail merchandising, I am an experienced wedding stylist and I work with our clients to ensure¬†their imagination is perfectly translated in preparation for their day. ¬†I don’t just turn our clients over to a florist and other suppliers to pull off a look in the hope you will get the dream day you imagined.

Your wedding design is created in house and we produce an extraordinary range of personalised stationery, signage and props to compliment our clients weddings and have a list of professional suppliers we use to create our dream days from florals to lighting to staging.

We are not set in our style, churning out the same style of wedding week in and week out, and love a challenge when it comes to designing a wedding with a different theme.  We listen to our clients ideas and translate them into something tangible, workable and most importantly hugely stylish.

We thought we would share a real example of how we work when it comes to designing a wedding.

I won’t name the clients or venue but we are currently working on a wonderful colonial style theme for a client next year, ¬†and after many chats and images sent and getting a good idea of what our client envisages we created these 3 mood boards for them. ¬†Needless to say they are delighted as we have managed to translate all their thoughts and ideas into 3 simple inspiration boards.

Inspiration boards are always so handy to have during your wedding planning process as you can take them along with you when shopping for key items such as wedding flowers, bridesmaids dresses, etc and it means you are not distracted or deviate when shopping for your wedding which is very easily done!

Having easy access to your inspiration boards, perhaps on your phone, allows you to stick to the designs, colours and items you really want.

It is no different from creating any other design concept, whether it be for a website or a book, a photo shoot or designing your own home, each element you love should be put together to see what works and what needs to be kicked out.  Your wedding is going to be probably one of the most designed and thought about days you ever host so do spend time thinking it through, create inspiration boards and you will clearly see your wedding come together.

Whilst we love Pinterest it is easy to get overwhelmed so sit back and re look at your images you have pinned, take some out if they are just not working and create a simple Word document pasting the photos you really love and work together.

One of my tips is think logically about your venue and what you are working with, it is very easy to pin loads of fairy lit trees but if your venue does not have many trees then this really is wasting your time!  I am often sent these images then send the client back the amount of trees they actually have at their venue!

Here are some tips to create your own inspiration board using Word, and trust me I have used many other programmes but always come back to this way of working as it is easy and not complicated.

Once in Word, select layout, go to landscape and then change the margins to zero you will have a blank document to work on.  Every time you paste an image select format then tight and it will allow you to move your image and resize it anywhere on the page.

After this change your final document to a PDF file when you resave it.

If you want to create a JPEG or PNG file, take a screen shot and open it in Paint, then you can crop it and save it as a usable photo file which you can use as an image rather than a document to send to your supplier so they can see your inspirations you have created for your day or just have it as a quick photo referral on your phone.

I hope you have found this tip useful and do have a look below at our lovely wedding boards we have created for our client this week which hit the nail on the head and they are now taking them to New York with them when they go bridesmaid dress shopping :)!

Please do share this blog post if you think someone might find it handy and if you need any help you can always email me on laura@reviva-weddings.com.

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