Awesome Achievement Stickers!

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I fell across this article this evening and after a really rough week it resonated with me.

Sometimes you have just got to share things!  In this case I am sharing achievement stickers for self employed and freelance people who run small businesses.

Running your own business is awesome, you can manage your own time and don´t have to clock into an office but this does not mean you don´t put in the hours.  I would say most self employed people work many more hours than the average person as we nurture our business babies!

We are always on email, managing our social media, dealing with clients and suppliers, designing our weddings, updating our spreadsheets, doing the accounts, crafting and making decorations for our weddings and of course actually being on site organising them.

It is rare we get a day off, a week off is unimaginable as something is always demanding our attention. Daily life is often a juggling act as we deal with important things like childcare, illnesses and death sadly but life goes on and we have responsibilities just as we would if we had to clock into a job.

These stickers are just delightful and so clever, they really understand the concept of juggling our time so we thought we would share them with you.  I know many of my business friends will enjoy these!  I have decided to use them in my online diary to make me smile every evening particularly as I forgot to eat today which happens often and have no idea why I am not a size zero!

If you love these stickers and want to use them to brighten up your day you can find them all on this link

Freelance Achievement Stickers




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