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The Blush Crush for 2014 Weddings

February 23rd, 2014 Posted by Ballerina Weddings, Blush for Weddings, Delightful details, Inspiration Boards, Wedding Trends for 2014 0 thoughts on “The Blush Crush for 2014 Weddings”

The blush crush has steam rollered it´s way into our 2014 weddings on a grand scale so we thought we would share one of our blush inspired boards with you and some styling hints and tips.  It is such a dreamy romantic colour for weddings and we first noticed this colour creeping in at the end of 2011 to our weddings but now the big blush has taken over!

Having had a few design meetings recently it is interesting how this colour is such a delicate one to work with and there are so many variables of this colour from nude, ballet shoe pink, apricot, soft pink, oyster pink, peach, the list goes on but it is a difficult and delicate colour to get right.   

Hold a blush fabric against a peach rose and it can instantly make the rose look more yellow in tone.  It is a good idea if you are using this colour for your wedding to check with your florist as to exactly what colours are being used in your bouquet and we recommend working with a pale colour spectrum including ivories, soft peaches, nudes and pinks to make sure it does not clash, keeping everything soft and muted and not using just one colour that could go wrong, either being too pink, peach or yellow.

You have to love the dreaminess of this colour and the blush mixed with soft golds is such an elegant and very fashionable combination for 2014.  We have thankfully sneaked in some gold glitter, sequins, and glassware into our wedding designs which we cannot wait to share with you!