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The Good, The Bad and the Slugs Under Rocks

June 30th, 2017 Posted by About me, About Us, Cancelling a Wedding, Churches in Marbella, Fairy Godmother of the Costa Del Sol, Fairy godmother of weddings, Getting Married in Marbella, Getting Married in Spain, Helpful Hints for Weddings, Life in Spain, Marbella, Marbella Weddings, My life, Running a business in Spain, Storms in Marbella, Useful Information, wedding planners Marbella, Wedding Planners Spain, Wedding Planning service, Wedding Suppliers on the Costa Del Sol, Wedding venues in Marbella, Wedding Venues Marbella, Wedding World Unveiled, Weddings in Marbella, Weddings in Spain 4 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and the Slugs Under Rocks”

It is very rare and probably never happened before that I have posted such a blog post but I am so angered by this situation so here it is in black and white and for everyone to read in the big wide world of the internet in the hope that word gets out and about of this utterly ruthless couple who are currently plaguing and taking the piss our of our wedding world.  Excuse my French!

Our Wedding World, as we like to call it here, is a very close knit community.  All the venues and suppliers know each other and we are like one big family, with a few exceptions, and we look out for each other.

Together, with Lucy from Boutique Weddings, one of my good friends, we set up a closed Facebook group about 2 years ago,  purely for all the wedding suppliers here in Southern Spain.


A Wedding Day in Marbella for Sale

October 13th, 2014 Posted by Adopt a Wedding, Beach Weddings in Marbella, Cancelling a Wedding, Getting Married in Marbella, Wedding Venues in Spain 0 thoughts on “A Wedding Day in Marbella for Sale”

It is not often a wedding day gets cancelled but it does happen sadly from time to time, either a family problem or illness or just that the couple have decided they are not ready or cannot make that final commitment to each other.

Sometimes life is not a fairy tale but what happens to a wedding day that has been in the planning for over a year with deposits paid, fabulous venue and suppliers booked and key times and dates secured.

We currently have just had some sad news that one of our weddings for next June has decided they no longer wish to continue with their wedding.

This morning I was thinking about this and that I must now contact all the suppliers, venue and church to cancel everything and lose their deposits paid but then had an idea.

Surely there must be a couple looking to get married in Marbella, on a very popular date in June 2015 and would happily take over this wedding and pay a sum to the client to secure everything they have prebooked and worked on so far.

The wedding day is at the most popular church in Marbella followed by a wedding reception for 100 guests at one of the most stunning beachside venues with some fabulous suppliers already booked including photographer, DJ and entertainment.

If you would be interested or know someone who would like to adopt a wedding please do contact us on

We assure all discretion whilst dealing with this delicate subject but it seems such a shame to throw it all away and seems a great deal for someone who is just thinking about hosting a wedding in June 2015 in Marbella.