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Wedding Planners and Suppliers Safety

December 6th, 2018 Posted by About Us, Coaching and Mentoring, Helpful Hints for Weddings, Life in Spain, My life, Running a business in Spain, Safety at work, The Business of Weddings, Uncategorized, Wedding Business, Wedding News, Wedding Planners in Barcelona, wedding planners Marbella, Wedding Planners Spain, Wedding Planning service, Wedding Suppliers on the Costa Del Sol, Wedding World Unveiled, Weddings in Spain 2 thoughts on “Wedding Planners and Suppliers Safety”

I am afraid this is not a pretty blog post about weddings it is extremely important that anyone in the wedding industry reads this post.

I am concerned about some recent events that have come to my attention and want to share this with everyone who will read my posts.

There have been computer hackers and more alarmingly stalkers trying to meet female wedding planners on their own.

Everyone in this industry needs to be vigilant and aware for their own personal safety, here are just a few of the stories that have been bought to my attention over the past few months. (more…)